With all the deals cut this past week in Big Brother 14, this HOH was huge! But will any of them mean a thing because…

Your winner is…..

THAT’s right my dahlings…As per usual in this season, the HOH has turned everything topsy-turvy in the house once again. And with wee Ian in charge- there’s no telling WHAT will go down.

The Sun-comp  went for a total of 1 hour and 53 minutes. Joe was first out- and his “punishment” is to hula-hoop every time reverie-type bugle music goes off. (Joe can’t hula for crap. Shane, however, is fabulous at it….Just sayin’…)  In the end, it came down to Shane and Ian. Shane asked everyone to leave to give him and Ian a few mins to talk. He cut a deal with Ian for his AND Dani’s safety–though Shane later told Dan the deal included him as well. Ian  (while under the mist)  admitted to Dan that his (Dan’s) name was NOT included in the deal–which I’m sure Dan found very interesting.

Ian’s cocky side has already come out, calling everyone “Kids” and being slightly obnoxious. The ‘Quack-Pack forever’ talk came almost immediately, as you knew it would. With the four remaining Quackers promising do or die…So, as of today…

PSST- What no one knows is that Frank knows all about the “QP.” So we’ll see where Dan falls out in all of this….


We can be certain of one thing: Since Ian stated earlier that Frank not being on the block, is like Easter without eggs, you can expect to have Carrots with your Easter Meal….

Frank and Jenn’s keys will NOT make an appearance today at the NOMINATION CEREMONY. There’ll be more talk of “popping a squat” (uh- guys, it’s COPPING a squat.) Frank will be (once again) fighting for his life… For all the Drank-fans out there…Not only is our boy Frank in trouble– everyone’s favorite F2 duo is as well.  Unless…UNLESS

  • A) Frank wins POV.
  • B) DAN wins POV and convinces everyone why it’s a smart idea to use it on Frank, and keep him around another week.
  • C) If neither win–Dan decides to stick to the deal, and Dan-mists the voters into keeping Frank.

*Ugghhh*  Last night- Danielle’s dream did NOT come true– she BEGGED Shane to let her sleep with him. Shane nixed that pretty quick, and Dani was none too happy. But hey–in case you were wondering–Danielle talked (ad nauseum and all night) about how she COULD have won the comp- except that she’s “sick at her stomach–maybe has a stomach bug– and was puking every where” and THAT’s why she didn’t win. {yahokay}But hey–never fear, cause Danielle KNOWS she’s the only one who can possibly win the next one–since it’s sure the be mental. But, just in case it’s something like a Corn-Hole game–do not despair, fellow watchers, cause Danielle is “good at that too.”  In fact, to hear her tell it, she can beat anyone at any competition. Thought I’d share that with you, since now I know you’ll all sleep better tonight, knowing Dani’s got this in the bag. *Gag–Vomit noises*


OK- The more I’ve pondered on the situation this morning, the more I’ve come to the conclusion that Dan’s gonna try to pull off another major feat this week. And I believe it will be a rescue mission. See, if Frank goes up and out this week- that’s a notch in Ian’s belt. Dan will not want to be one-upped by a 21 year old kid. He is King Dan. So– I’m betting he’ll figure out another crazy-ass scheme to keep “Team Drank” alive. You can be sure he knows they are a popular duo with all us out here. And to keep his “master of the universe” title–Dan must pull off another amazing mind-F this week, or he becomes yesterday’s news– and Ian becomes the one who put Frank AND Boogie out of the Big Brother House… I for one am betting he can do it–WHAT DO YOU THINK??

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