The comp we’ve waited all Big Brother 14 for got played today– and everyone was right! It was the fan favorite…..


And the winner is……..drumroll…..

That’s right… Bet you didn’t expect THAT, now did ya??

Now- the question is— what happens now?? At least poor Ian will have a 24 hour break, before Dan starts hitting him up hard and heavy to use the GPOV on him.

In the meantime– here are some of the known punishments….

Brit and Dani will be handcuffed together for 24 hours. Frank has to take Chum bath every four hours for 24–Dan is isolated in the HN room, which is now the “Party Room” There’s a disco ball-rave music- a porta potty- and his mozzarella and motzah balls.

MUCH MORE tomorrow– as we see where Jenn’s head’s at..

For now, let’s eavesdrop on the house– SO… Go  jump on your LIVE FEEDS and enjoy!


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