Get ready for some exciting Big Brother 15 spoilers this week! CBS is set to make some big reveals and we’re ready to share them all with you. Just to confirm how “shocking!” these will be we went ahead and told Danielle then took this picture:

Big-Brother-Danielle is shocked

Okay, so maybe not, but it should still be fun to find out who all of the BB15 HGs will be later this week when CBS lifts the ban on releasing these details. Along with that we expect to find out what the house will look like when we see video and pictures from this year’s “Media Day” event featuring a day of adventures and competitions inside the house.

We still don’t know anything more about the “No-Floater” twist for this summer, but maybe the spread of the Big Brother 15 cast will help make that clearer for us.

What are you most anxious to find out this preseason for Big Brother? The twist, the house, or who all these new houseguests will be?!

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