Julie Chen Big BrotherBig Brother 15 will start next month with its premiere on June 26, 2013, according to press releases from CBS. This marks the fifteenth installment in the long running reality series, but the first in recent history with a pre-July launch.

It’s suspected the move from July to June was made in part to undercut ABC’s knockoff reality series “Glass House” which continues to be associated with legal battles between the two parties. No worries there on our part though, we’re clearly in the Big Brother corner on this one.

Preparing for the early season premiere, casting for the summer series 15th season will end this week as production will sit down with the casting team to review applicants and scouted talent to form the next cast of HGs.

According to Julie Chen this season will feature the “most HouseGuests ever” as CBS continues to seek out even more applicants. Of course we’ve heard the “most ever” line before when last season tied a previous season for the title of “most.” How many things can be the “most?” Unless Julie got sloppy with her words, and we doubt that, then we’ll be seeing at least sixteen HGs if not more.

Considering the early start planned for Big Brother 15 it seems likely that production will need more cannon fodder for early eliminations to keep the schedule afloat.

Diehard fans should take note of a major change for the 2013 season of BB. After thirteen long years working with RealNetworks CBS has decided to cut out on their own and will be handling the Live Feeds directly for BB15.

Are you ready for Big Brother 15 to start up on June 26, 2013 on CBS? We’re excited to share another awesome season with you so be sure to join us from June to September. Wow, that’s going to be a lot of BB!

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