It’s been a rough Big Brother 2016 week for James Huling and Natalie Negrotti. They started off the week discovering that their closest ally Michelle Meyer would be evicted. Then they realized they were outnumbered by 4-2. Next, Head of Household Victor Arroyo nominated them for eviction.

Big Brother 18-Jatalie Kiss

Their fate was sealed when Corey Brooks won the Veto and decided not to use it. Natalie or James will be evicted this week. At the moment, Natalie seems like the one heading home. Due to the stress of her upcoming eviction, she’s been a little distant toward James.

This has accumulated into a lot of small fights between them. CBS chose to make “America’s Sweethearts” the focus of tonight’s Big Brother 18 episode preview. It shows how they’ll be fighting to stay together in the house. It also shows James showing that Natalie loves him/then she doesn’t.

It even paints Paul and Victor (a little) as the Big Bad Wolves try to split this showmance apart.

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