As far back as Big Brother 11, BB houseguests have made appearances on The Bold and The Beautiful. Big Brother 16 and Big Brother 17 had quite a few cast members appear on it during Halloween episodes, including Zach Rance, Donny Thompson, and John ‘Johnny Mac’ McGuire. Big Brother Over the Top‘s Jason Roy also made an appearance prior to the Halloween specials.

Paul Abrahamian on the Bold and The Beautiful with Don Diamont

Now Jason’s Big Brother 17 bestie Da’Vonne Rogers makes her Bold and the Beautiful debut. A few days after the Big Brother 18 finale, we revealed that Da’Vonne, fan favorite Victor Arroyo, and runner-up Paul Abrahamian would make their appearances on the daytime drama.

A few days ago, Entertainment Weekly released a few details about their upcoming appearances. Da’Vonne, Paul, and Victor will play part of the catering and florist team helping to set up for Bill and Brooke’s wedding.

The Big Brother cast members will interact with Bill (played by Don Diamont) and Wyatt (played by Darin Brooks).

CBS released some pictures of this Big BrotherBold and the Beautiful cross over  episode, which is scheduled to air this Tuesday (October 25, 2016). You can check out the pictures, which show Paul interacting with Bill, and Victor interacting with Wyatt.

Victor Arroyo on The Bold and The Beautiful with Darin Brooks

Paul Abrahamian on the Bold and The Beautiful with Don Diamont

CBS also released a very short video where Da’Vonne, Paul, and Victor use phrases like ‘forming an alliance’ and ‘in the house’ before telling people to check them out on The Bold and The Beautiful. You can also watch that short trailer below.

Are you excited to see these Big Brother 18 alumni on The Bold and the Beautiful?

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