Before the Big Brother 2016 feeds went down on Monday, Nicole Franzel (as Veto holder) decided not to use the Veto. This meant that either Victor Arroyo or Paul Abrahamian would be evicted from the Big Brother 18 house. The Sitting Ducks were being torn apart.

Big Brother 18-Julie Chen

We expected James Huling and Nicole to vote out Victor on Monday. This meant that final four contestants would be James, Nicole, Paul, and Corey Brooks. Paul needed an Head of Household win more than any of the other remaining three.

Last night, one of the most reliable Big Brother fan sources posted a rumor about who won Head of Household. We cannot confirm this as true, but this source has proven to be very reliable this season. So it’s unconfirmed but very likely to be true.

The new Head of Household is…Paul Abrahamian.

Paul should nominate Nicole and Corey for eviction. However, the real power this week falls in the hands of whoever wins this week’s Power of Veto. The Veto controls the final nominees and the final vote. If Corey or Nicole win the Veto, then James will be evicted from the Big Brother 2016 house.

If James or Paul win the Veto, then it’s likely that Nicole will get evicted from the Big Brother 18 house. This would eliminate the final girl, and put us in an all male final 3 situation, with a high probability of James making the final 2.

We will get confirmation of Paul winning the Head of Household during tonight’s taped broadcast, or when the live feeds return soon after it. We should also know who won the Veto and who will go home this Wednesday.

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