Big Brother 18 started the season with two players who won America’s Favorite Player their seasons. Frank Eudy won America’s Favorite Player during Big Brother 14, and James Huling won it for Big Brother 17.


Frank fell out of America’s grace pretty early on during the season. Him getting evicted pre-jury also made him less likely to win America’s Favorite Player again.

However, James retained his favorite status throughout the season. Some feed watchers turned on James for not playing a great game. However, casual viewers remained loyal to James throughout the show.

Therefore, it seemed hard to imagine James not winning America’s Favorite Player again. James had the possibility of winning $50,000 or $500,000 working against him winning the title. However, if he didn’t make it to the finals, did he still have America’s heart?

Natalie Negrotti and Victor Arroyo seemed like the only true contenders who could steal the AFP title from James.

So who won the Big Brother 18’s America’s Favorite Player title?

Host Julie Chen called out the three top names: Natalie, Victor, and James. The winner was…..Victor Arroyo!

BB18-Victor wins AFP

Victor wins $25,000 along with the AFP title.

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