Last Wednesday night, the first part of the final Big Brother 2016 Head of Household competition played out. Last night’s episode showed the start of this endurance competition. Wednesday’s Big Brother 2016 finale will reveal the winner of that round.

Big Brother 2016-Part 2 Final HOH

Live feed watchers already know that Paul Abrahamian won that round. This left Nicole Franzel and James Huling to face off at second round. Since the first round was endurance, we expected this one to be a mental timed one.

It was awhile before the second part of the HOH competition played out last night. When the feeds returned, Nicole Franzel was revealed as the second round winner. Paul and her will face off  in the third round on Wednesday’s live finale. Nicole mentioned how this was one of the easiest competitions she played.

Big Brother 18-Nicole Franzel

James also mentioned being smoked by Nicole. We expect the third round to be the typical scales of justice competition, where Paul and Nicole will have to try to guess what the jurors said. This round can be very unpredictable, so Nicole and Paul have a very even chance of winning it.

We expect them both to try to take James to the finale, as he seems like the easier win, despite them telling each other they would take the other one.

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