It has been a long 99 days for Big Brother 18 players and fans. Tonight all the stress, manipulating, tears, and showmances all prove worth it as one player takes home the Big Brother 2016 title.

BB18 Finale-Nicole and Paul

Going into the finale, it was a battle for the final power. Nicole Franzel and Paul Abrahamian went head-to-head in the last part of the Head of Household competition.

The final Head of Household resulted in Paul winning it.  He then took Nicole to the final  two.  He took one  last  chance to throw her under the block to James Huling.

Then we got our usual jury questions. It seemed like they did a pretty even job of answering the jury questions. In the end, it would come down to the Big Brother 18 final speeches.

Paul’s speech was definitely better than Nicole’s speech, so his win seemed inevitable.

Da’Vonne Rogers voted for Nicole to win

Bridgette Dunning voted for Paul to win

Zakiyah Everette voted for Nicole to win

Paulie Calafiore voted for Nicole to win

Michelle Meyer voted for Paul to win

Natalie Negrotti voted for Nicole to win

Corey Brooks voted for Nicole to win

James voted for Paul to win

Victor Arroyo voted for Paul to win

Nicole Win BB18

Nicole Franzel won Big Brother 18 by a 5-4 vote.

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