Big Brother 2016 concluded with Natalie Negrotti leaving the Big Brother 18 house. Immediately following her eviction, the week 12 Head of Household competition began. It was the usual slip and slide competition.

BB18-Head Household Week 12

Players had to carry liquid while running down a slippery slope. The player to fill up their bowl the quickest became this week’s Head of Household. The competition had a movie theme, with popcorn, tickets, etc. There was also a little twist to this year’s version.

Players could try to fill up the big bowl first, or go for a smaller bowl. The smaller bowl granted them a bigger scooper. As the competition started, Corey Brooks and Paul Abrahamian went for the bigger bowls.

Nicole Franzel and James Huling went for the smaller bowls. Corey had the most successful glide on the slopes.

Corey maintained his lead during most of the competition. However, Nicole began to catch up to him, once she got the bigger scooper. Paul fell to the end of the pack.

Corey started to lose his wind a little, but he kept his lead. Paul decided to switch tactics and go for the smaller bowl.


After a little over 2-hours Corey Brooks officially became this week’s Head of Household. 

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