Paul Abrahamian won the first round of the final Big Brother 2016 Head of Household competition. Nicole Franzel won part 2. This means that one of them will determine the Big Brother 18 final two. Their decision could determine whether they win $500,000 or $50,000.

Nicole and Paul

Paul promised both Nicole and James Huling to take them to the final two. However, once Nicole won the second part of the competition, it became more clear that Nicole was his true final two goal. He claimed that he did not respect James’s game. He would rather lose to Nicole than to James.

Paul further confirmed his plan to take Nicole when he practiced his final two speech. He mentioned her several times in it. Nicole can count on Paul to bring her to the Big Brother 2016 finale, but can he cout on Nicole bringing him to it?

Nicole also made promises to both James and Paul about taking them to the Big Brother 18 finale. However, Nicole’s intentions aren’t clear. Big Brother Network does a great job of outlining Nicole’s ambiguity about who she plans to take to the Big Brother finale.

The last couple days, Nicole and Paul have grown closer. It seemed like Nicole decided to take Paul to the Big Brother finale with her. However, Corey Brooks‘ warning, and a long diary session, seems to have made Nicole think twice about taking Paul.

She still seems very much conflicted. However, it seems like she may be leaning more (at the moment) towards taking James over Paul to the finale. This Big Brother jury is still very hard to predict, so we can’t say if this decision will reward or cost Nicole $500,000.

If it costs her, it might be because the jurors feel better about rewarding a parent the money than someone younger with less responsibilities.

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