Well there was a lot of talk from Josh about trying to flip the Big Brother 19 house, but after the Power of Veto comp those hopes went out the window. If you missed who won the POV comp last night, you can find those results right here! In the meantime, keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to get all the details of yesterday’s live feeds.

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap Week 11 - Saturday

As you can see, Alex was putting on a good show yesterday moping around the house and Josh was having a hard time with the decision of sending Alex home this week because of it. No matter how many times he was told that she was toying with his emotions, he still felt bad for putting her in this position.

Live Feeds

The day started off with all the HGs being called to the DR because they all refused to get out of bed, again. Big Brother has been fighting with them every morning for a while now when it comes to them getting up in the morning. After they are all up, there is just general chit chat and Josh is cooking breakfast for everyone, Kevin declines his offer to make him food though.

Christmas warns Josh not to check on Alex anymore and tells him that she is using his emotional side against him. After this conversation, Josh is camtalking in the HOH. He is comparing his game play to Vanessa’s from BB17 and points out how Steve had to turn on her in order to win after she turned on Austin to move on. He is trying to figure out if he should pull a Vanessa and get Paul out now or pull a Steve and wait until the end. He then tells us that his mom probably wants him to get Paul out now, but he still thinks it’s too early.

Feeds go down for POV and when they come up we find out that it doesn’t really matter what Josh wants to do because Paul won the Power of Veto. All the HGs are talking about the themes of their comics in the BB Comics POV comp and Paul is concerned about why his theme was “Potty Mouth.” He wonders if it’s because he swears a lot or if it’s because he is full of s***. I’d go with a combination of both.

Kevin is talking about what he was doing wrong in the POV comp and sounds like him being colorblind probably played a huge part in that. Paul tells Christmas that he isn’t going to use the POV. After dinner, Kevin tells Paul that he is still in on the plan to try and win the HOH comp this week so that he can target Josh and Christmas. The plan is to get Josh out so that Kevin, Paul and Christmas can go to F3 together. Or at least that’s Kevin’s version of the plan. Paul also has a F3 deal with Christmas and Josh, but I think the Kevin and Christmas option works better for Paul.

Later there is a chat between Paul and Christmas about the POV and Christmas suggests that they use it to save Alex and get Kevin out this week, but Paul tells her that isn’t a smart move. They then discuss how they can spread the blame. Paul can blame Josh and then Christmas can say they threatened Paul that he would lose their jury vote if he used the POV to save her. Paul runs this plan by Josh and Josh is not okay with Paul throwing him under the bus like that to save his own game. They add that if they don’t lie to Alex then she will expose their F3 deal in Jury, it’s too late for that thanks to Josh’s GBM to Jason.

Christmas gets very upset with Josh not going with their plan, it’s not like her hands are getting dirty in this. She then says something about their plan to get Kevin out. Saying that she is going to say that Kevin wanted to have sex with her and Paul suggests that she says it right before the next HOH to throw him off. These people get more and more disgusting as the days go by.

Josh does some more camtalking about how upset he is with Christmas because she is getting upset with him and how she is a fool for believing Paul. Josh also tells us that he knows he can expose what’s really happening if he just talked to Alex and believes that she would see it as a game move and not as him turning on her like Paul is trying to say. Later Josh asks Kevin if he threw the POV comp and Kevin tells him he absolutely didn’t and then explains to Josh that he is colorblind and couldn’t see the colors.

There is a chat between Kevin and Paul where Kevin tells Paul that Josh came and asked him if he threw the comp. Later, Paul tells Christmas that he is worried about Josh and suggests that they still use the “we won’t give you our jury vote” on Josh whether he likes it or not. I don’t have anything else to say about these HGs that I haven’t already said. They are all as clueless as the next, even Josh to an extent because lets be honest here, if Paul didn’t win the POV he wasn’t actually going to grow a pair over night and put Paul on the block.

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