Well the Big Brother 19 feeds were lively yesterday, I’m just kidding, nothing at all happened. The HGs pretty much slept all day, ate and hung out. Josh did a little bit of camtalking and they discussed when Round 2 of the Final HOH could happen. Keep reading to get that information right here with my Big Brother 2017 spoilers!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap Week 12 - Friday

Just a quick reminder that there is no episode of Big Brother 19 this Sunday and that the next episode we will all watch together is the Big Brother 2017 finale on Wednesday, September 20th. Round 2 of the final HOH has yet to happen, I will keep you posted on the results when that happens! Keep reading to find out when we could expect those results!

Live Feeds

The HGs slept until mid afternoon yesterday and then continued to nap on and off all day. Not much to tell you about here. Christmas thought it was a good idea to toss a carton of milk across the house though and it ended up all over the living room. What did she expect to happen? I don’t know.

Anyways, back to information that might be useful at some point in the near future. Josh did some camtalking and I’m really hoping that he was just giving production some footage to use, but he mentions that he doesn’t know if taking Paul or Christmas to F2 gives him the better chance. He thinks that the Jury house might be bitter and vote against Paul just and then says that Christmas didn’t really do anything to piss anyone off. He is starting to wonder if Paul is his better chance. He can’t be serious, right?

Christmas and Josh talk a little about when round 2 could happen. Josh mentions that he hears them building outside so it could happen Saturday. So perhaps some time today we could find out who will face Paul in the final round of the final HOH comp on Big Brother 19. Who do you think will win the second round of the final HOH? Let me know in the comments below or on social media and make sure you check back later for the results to find out if you were right!

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