Yesterday was another quiet day on the Big Brother 19 live feeds. The HGs slept, ate, hung out in the hammock and Paul practiced his F2 speech. Things continue to be on the quiet side until there is a literal shake-up in the house. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to find out what I mean!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap Week 12 - Monday

Pop TV also sent the HGs games and candy, they also found beer in the storage room. I think that Pop TV was telling them they needed to be more interesting without using their words. They tried, but did it help? Find out what the HGs were doing after they found the games, candy and beer sent from Pop TV right here!

Live Feeds

The HGs spent the better part of the day in bed and then they got some games and stuff from Pop TV. They sit around drinking beer, playing cards and eating candy for a while. While is slightly more interesting than watching them sleep. At about 11:20pm BBT the house started to shake. They were experiencing an earthquake. They put their cards down and walk outside to the middle of the yard and stand there talking while it passed.

Then the feeds cut for about 5 minutes and when they come back we find all the HGs back inside after the earthquake. Later there were some talks between Josh and Christmas are talking about F2 decisions and Christmas tells Josh to do what’s best for his game and be strategic in his decision. Paul is back to practicing his F2 speech.

The HGs go back to the backyard and relax in the hammock and chat about life outside the Big Brother 19 house. While Christmas is in the DR there is another chat between Josh and Paul about leaving Christmas behind in the F2. Do you think that Josh will actually leave Christmas behind if he has to make the decision or will he remember how Paul kept his hands clean with the Jury members and pinned all their evictions on other HGs?

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