Last night we had a late night POV comp on Big Brother 19 and a winner was revealed and that’s where all the drama started. It has turned into an interesting house meeting this morning, but we will talk about that another time. For now, lets talk about what happened last night after right here with my Big Brother 2017 spoilers!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap: Week 3 - Friday

Yesterday we found out who the noms are for this week on Big Brother 19 and then when the feeds cut at 8:38PM BBT everyone was really confused. The feeds came back and we found out that the POV players were picked and then a short 10 minutes later, feeds cut again for POV comp. When comp was over, that’s when things get a little crazy in the Big Brother 2017 house.

Big Brother Live Feeds

Last night after the POV comp, the little bombs that Paul has been planting all over the house are starting to blow up. With him also running through the house talking about how there is going to be a special Sunday eviction, HGs are getting a little nervous.

Dominique has a conversation with Christmas and is grilling her on whether or not she has been loyal to Dom or not. It ends with Christmas telling her that she hasn’t nor will she ever betray Dom. Dom then goes to Kevin to have a conversation with him about how the hinky vote and the line of questioning with Cody on her show is why she is being targeted.

Dom also goes to talk to Elena and admits that she claimed at one point that she thought Elena was jealous of Dom’s relationship with Mark. She insists that her being on the block is a personal attack on her. Meanwhile, Mark was still campaigning to save Dom until she started saying that people are attacking her personally when Alex has said that it wasn’t personal over and over.

There are talks about pulling Jessica down with the Veto and putting someone else up against Dom. Mark was in the talk, but Mark doesn’t want to go up, he thinks that Matt will try to get him out. Jason mentions putting Raven up, several times actually. At one point he even wakes Raven up to ask her if she would be ok with being a pawn.

Mark makes it very clear that he is not going to vote against Dom and if that’s a problem then that’s what they need to do. Later we see as Paul tries to convince Mark that going up as a pawn against Dom is the best move, Mark doesn’t think so. Paul is really just trying to get Mark out of the campaigning circle for Dom.

This turns into a house full of arguing HGs and at 6am there was a house meeting called which turned into Dom naming Paul as an infiltrator inside the house. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a leg to stand on with this argument or if she does have proof of it, she isn’t using it to prove her angle. This is going to make for an interesting day of Live Feed!

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