Yesterday’s Big Brother 19 live feeds started off a little slow for me, but we did have some conversations that happened in the house worth talking about. If you missed yesterday’s live feeds, keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to get the details!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap: Week 4 - Sunday

With the POV ceremony coming up later today, the HGs are trying to keep their plan to flip the vote a secret. Were the HGs capable of keeping the secret to themselves? Find out right here with my Big Brother 19 live feeds recap! Stay tuned for the results of the POV ceremony coming up later today!

Big Brother Live Feeds

The first conversation I want to bring up is how delusional Jessica and Cody really are. Don’t get me wrong, they have the cards stacked and have had a huge string of good luck this week, but Jessica is convinced that they can flip to whatever side wins HOH next week. She really has no idea that the entire house is working to flip the vote on Ramses this week instead of voting Josh out.

The HNs were announced yesterday also. The HNs this week are Kevin, Mark and Paul plus Josh who has the extra week from the HNs Gamble. Mark isn’t liking this whole HNs thing, I think that’s the point, but he decides to take the HNs Gamble to try and cut his time short. Everyone is telling him not to do it because then he is risking three weeks in a row, but he doesn’t listen and tries it anyway. He chooses wrong and gets another week as a HN.

Ramses goes to talk to Elena, to make sure that she still plans to vote to keep him and she reassures him that she is voting to keep Ramses. He is nervous enough to go talk to Jessica though. Jessica tells him that if she gets wind of anything going on with the vote she will take him down and put up someone else.

Jessica starts talking to some of the HGs and goes to Elena. Jessica mentions that she is worried about the vote, Elena tells her that her, Matt and Raven will vote for Josh. Jessica mentions that she wished she put Alex up instead and Elena asks her why she didn’t. Like she was trying to hint to her she should use the veto. Jessica has also been told how much Paul wants the noms to stay the same, I don’t see how she isn’t getting the hints. Even after all of this Jessica seems to be leaning towards keeping Ramses up.

I’m not understanding why Jessica isn’t going to use the Veto, she is really comfortable with the choice she has made with the noms. It’s going to be interesting to see how things play out after the eviction this week if she chooses not to use the Veto. We will find out a little later if she changes the noms!

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