Yesterday on the Big Brother 2017 live feeds everything seemed like it was still a go for the blindside vote. Jessica, Cody, Ramses, Mark and Elena were all going to completely shocked about the flipped vote tonight on the live eviction. Paul’s group on Big Brother 19 had one job, find out if they were able to do it!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap: Week 4 - Wednesday

See the look on Kevin’s face? This was my look through some of the Big Brother 19 live feeds yesterday. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to find out what happened in the house that has the HGs squirming! You are definitely not going to want to miss tonight’s Live Eviction!

Big Brother Live Feeds

We started the morning off with Jessica and Cody talking about how Jessica would go about telling the new HOH next week about her temptation. She tells him that she thinks she might go to the DR and ask what she can and can’t say about it because her exaggeration to Kevin, made production a little upset.

There has been a lot of talk about a possible double eviction this week and Paul, Jason and Alex are talking about putting up Cody and Elena if this should be the case. A little later, Jessica is talking to Cody about the chances of the vote not going their way and as always she mentions how Mark and Elena will definitely vote out Josh because keeping him isn’t good for their game. She does realize they are only two vote and she still need 4 more to get Josh out, right?

Paul is trying to get everyone to put Mark and Elena up if there is a DE and putting Cody up as a renom is either of them manage to come down. Meanwhile, Mark and Cody are talking about how it would benefit Cody to BD Paul. Forever at each other’s throats. Funny thing is, there is no confirmation of their being a DE any time soon and at this point, it’s all in Paul’s head.

Josh is being Josh, wants to call out Jessica now that he knows he is safe for this week. Paul tells him if he stirs the pot he will make sure the votes go the other way. Speaking of the vote, at about 4:20 pm BBT, Kevin told Jessica he needed to talk to her and about a half hour later, he catches up to her in the bathroom and pulls her aside. He tells her that the “little kid with the glasses is gone.” Tells her that she is a good player and he’s going to need her.

After she hears about the plan to blindside, she goes to tell Cody and then goes to Elena. Elena is shocked that Ramses is going to be voted out, Christmas was there too and acts like she doesn’t know a thing. So much for a shocking and explosive eviction. The only way it will still end up explosive is if Jessica plays the Halting Hex to try and right her wrong. I don’t see her wasting it on someone other than her or Cody.

As the night goes on, Jessica continues to feel guilty about leaving Ramses on the block and her and Cody start interrogating all the HGs about whether or not they knew anything. Everyone is of course playing stupid, they all tells then that they will let them know if they hear anything, which we all know they already do and won’t.

Will Jessica feel guilty enough to use the Hexing Halt to save Ramses or do you think Ramses could rally enough votes to stay in the house? Let me know in the comments below!

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