Yesterday the Big Brother 19 live feeds were up and down in preparation for the new Temptation Competition. After the feeds came back from the competition we found out who won and who lost. The winner is safe from eviction this week on Big Brother where the loser is automatically put up as a third nom! Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to find out the details!

As you can see, at some point last night everyone in the house went completely crazy. After the Temptation Competition the house was pretty boring, but after the nomination ceremony things got a little out of hand! Keep reading my Big Brother 19 live feeds recap for all the details!

Big Brother Live Feeds

Okay, so lets run through the drama from last night’s feeds. When they were finished with noms and the feeds came back on, PaulCody and Jessica were upstairs in the HOH room. They were furious because he put them both up and they were trying to explain to him that he made a big mistake doing that.

This turns into a heated argument with Paul and Cody because Paul asked Jessica to lower her voice a little in the conversation. This turns into Paul kicking Cody out of the HOH room and Cody getting in Paul’s face. Jessica then tells Cody it’s time for them to go. Jessica and Cody go downstairs where Cody gets an earful from Jessica for picking a fight with Paul.

At the same exact time, Josh is downstairs screaming and yelling about Cody and Jessica. Calling them names and going on and on. Mark has heard enough and basically tells Josh to knock it off, but that doesn’t go well at all. Josh grabs his pots and pans and starts doing the circus song and banging them at Mark. Well, Mark gets up and charges at Josh to take the pots and pans away. Kevin gets in between them and the feeds cut.

Jessica and Paul are having a long conversation where Paul is basically trying to do damage control and talking out of his butt. Meanwhile, Josh is still banging his pans and Mark is in the other room with Cody. Mark is then called to the DR, most likely about the confrontation with Josh. After Mark gets out of the DR, Josh, who is still banging the pots and pans, is called in. He knows it’s because of what he’s doing and when get gets out he tells them that he needs to chill. Production basically told him to stop provoking fights. Also want to add, Paul told Josh to act like this.

Mark is telling Matt and Raven about being lectured in the DR. Mark tells them that he has to talk to Elena and they head downstairs and tell her that he wants to talk. Elena is telling him that his behavior was unacceptable and her defending him is making her look bad. She tells him that him going after Josh looked terrifying and it puts her in an awkward position. It sounds like she is leaning towards dumping him, but is beating around the bush.

Christmas and Jessica are talking and it seems like this is just a big game play for Christmas. While they are talking, Cody comes in and moves all of his stuff out of the room that him and Jessica have been sharing. Christmas tells her that she can’t believe that he just did that after she was will to throw her game away for him.

Christmas then tells her that “you may not have gotten a boyfriend, but you sure got a girlfriend.” Christmas gets all teary eyed and Jessica gives her a hug. Immediately after, Jessica tells Christmas exactly how the hex works. Christmas keeps implying to Jessica that she needs to ditch Cody because he is bad for her game. She also keeps asking her if she would consider not using it and letting Cody go home again. Christmas then tells Jess that if she ditches Cody everyone in the house will be willing to work with her.

After her conversation with Christmas, Jessica has a conversation with Elena. They are both talking about how their “boyfriends'” behaviors were unacceptable tonight. Jessica also tells Elena how the Hex works. Later on, Mark apologizes to the house for the way he acted.

Jessica and Cody finally have a talk just before midnight BBT. She tells him that the way he acted earlier was unacceptable and he tells her that he is who he is and nothing is going to change that. He tells her that this is who he is, he doesn’t have many friends and he isn’t very close to his family and Jessica tells him that’s not a great way to live life. He basically tells her that he has made it this far and he isn’t going to change, even for her.

He tells her not to use her hex to save him. She tells him she isn’t going to have a hand in evicting him. She later tells him that HGs were telling her not to use it and let him be evicted and he asks for names. She tells him it was everyone. Jessica wants them to play veto, win it and then win HOH and fight them all off one by one. They have clearly made up.

At 12:42am BBT, the house gets a BB Storm Watch Update! They are all told to gather in the living room. Paul is telling everyone that this is the best comp ever and Christmas is excited because she can play this. Feed cut for two minutes and when it comes back we hear the announcement and see the HGs trying to memorize as much of it as possible.

The HGs stay up all night having studying sessions for the upcoming comp and listening for the new announcements. Except for Jessica and Cody who decide to go to bed. They chat a little while tossing and turning and Cody tells her that he is happy being alone and she tells him “Okay Cody, then be alone.”

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