Not much going on in the Big Brother 19 house on eviction eve with everyone gunning for Mark. Doesn’t stop him from trying though. Get all the details of Mark’s campaigning and how he managed to put a bigger target on Jason and Kevin’s back right here! Keep up with everything Big Brother with my Big Brother 2017 spoilers!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap Week 8 - Wednesday

The targets for next week keep shifting, but I think I have a pretty good idea who each group is going to go after based on what happened yesterday on the Big Brother live feeds. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 live feeds recap to get those details also!

Yesterday’s talks started with PaulMatt and Raven. Paul is telling them that Mark is campaigning to Jason and Alex, he adds that Jason and Alex said they don’t trust Mark. The talk jumps to Kevin and how Alex hates him so if she wins HOH she will take him out, the don’t have to worry about him. Paul tells them that they still want to try and get Jason out. Raven is convinced that Kevin is the one who hid her bracelet.

Paul goes to talk to Christmas and they start bashing Raven and talk about how they think that everything she says and does is an act. They also talk about how no one wants to take her out because then they would look insensitive to her and her illnesses. Talks shift to them trying to get Alex to join their alliance if Matt and Raven take Jason out. So basically, he is lying to Matt and Raven to get what he wants and then he is going to ditch them for Christmas, Josh and Alex.

The complaints about Raven and Matt continue most of the day. At some point during the day, Mark was talking with Alex and Jason and tells them that they can’t trust Josh, Josh tells this to Christmas and then adds that when he asked Jason and Alex if Mark was talking about him, they denied it to him. Christmas tells Josh not to worry because if it comes down to a tie, she is sending Mark home. Josh, like josh does, keeps talking about it for what seems like forever.

Paul and Mark argued a bit about Cody, they do realize that Cody isn’t in the house anymore, right? What is the point in continuing to talk about this? Mark is going home and he knows it’s because of his friendship with Cody, lets drop it already. This argument brings up hard feelings for Alex as she starts to complain about her cereal that he ate and the entire house is chiming in on it.

Later, Kevin mentions how Paul and Christmas are acting weird around him because he is talking to Mark and being friendly. I will never understand why the other HGs can’t talk to the target yet later in the feeds we watch as Paul and Mark play chess together but no one says anything about it. Hypocritical much?

Alex tries to get Matt to target Kevin by telling him that Kevin has been campaigning for Mark to stay, Christmas was crying in the HOH room and saying how everything is getting so overwhelming (or is it the pain killers talking?) and Mark gave another pitch to Alex, but she shrugs him off. This is basically how the live feeds went yesterday.

Looking like our friend Mark is going out the door and then Jason might be the target next week. Unless of course, Alex or Jason win HOH, then Kevin will most likely leave the house next week. We will have to wait and see what will happen, but tonight’s HOH results will give us some kind of idea! Stay tuned to my eviction poll and eviction predictions coming up a little later!

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