Tonight we will watch as the HGs on Big Brother 19 decide whether or not they are going to compete in the Temptation Competition. If you don’t want to wait to find out the results, I have them right here! If you miss any of this week’s drama, make sure you catch up with my Big Brother 2017 spoilers!

Big Brother 19 Live Recap: Episode 19 - Temptation Comp and Noms!

After we see the Temptation Competition, we will find out who Josh puts up on the block this week along with the third nom. Who will Josh’s target be this week? Will it be the obvious Jessica and Cody nomination? Keep refreshing this page to find out right here with my Big Brother 19 live recap!

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Tonight’s episode started off with Josh breaking down after winning the HOH. Paul is happy because he is safe and he knows that Jessica and Cody aren’t. Mark is worried because he has had his ups and downs with Josh, but he thinks he is off his radar because they were able to talk things out.

Cody and Jessica are talking in their room about how Josh has HOH and they aren’t feeling very safe. Meanwhile, Josh is talking with Christmas, Raven, Jason and Paul about how Mark and Elena are mad. Moments later, Mark walks in and then Alex walks in talking about how Mark is mad and Mark is sitting right there. This turns into Mark and Alex going into the other room to talk about why she is doesn’t like him and she tells him that it’s because he flip flops so much. She tells him that if he is going to continue to flip flop they are not going to be ok.

Paul, Christmas and Josh are talking and Josh is saying how he wants Jessica, Cody, Mark and Elena all out of the house. Christmas tells him the only dilemma he is going to have is picking which two to put on the block. Paul says, “oh no, we know which two. Jessica and Cody.” Christmas says in the DR that she would be ok with them having a conversation, but she doesn’t like how he is telling Josh who to put up. Josh is the HOH, not Paul.

Elena and Josh are having a conversation in the storage room and she is asking him if she is safe this week. He tells her he is still thinking about what he is going to do and can’t make any promises she won’t be on the block. He mentions that it’s because her and Mark voted for him to be evicted and she is trying to explain that she had no idea that the rest of the house was planning to save him. They all told her and Mark to vote for Josh while everyone else was in on the plan to keep him.

Later we see as Josh tells Paul and Christmas that he wants Elena out before Jessica, but Paul has been working on his game relationship and he doesn’t want Josh to ruin that. He is trying to get Josh’s sights back on Jessica. When Paul leaves the room, she tells Josh that as much as she loves Paul, he shouldn’t do everything Paul says.

We then see a conversation between Josh and Christmas later on and he is telling her that he wants Elena out before Jessica. However, Elena is locked in with Paul and he doesn’t think Paul will ever go for it. Josh is then talking about how Paul is taking over his HOH and Christmas tells him he needs to be a little stingy with his HOH room then. She tells him to lock his door. Josh tells us that he doesn’t care what Paul thinks, he wants Elena gone this week.

The HGs hear the Den of Temptation voice come over the speakers and the HGs will now have to figure out if they are going to compete in the comp. Jessica and Cody are talking about how one needs to win the Temptation Comp and one needs to win the Veto in order for both of them to be safe this week.

Like last week, the HGs have to drink a green potion to compete and a red potion to turn it down. Everyone drinks the green one except for Christmas and Josh isn’t eligible to play because he is HOH. This Temptation Comp is super creepy and they have to find letters in the house and and try unscramble them to make a word. They then have to find an item in the house match the word and put it into a box. The person who does it the fastest wins and the slowest HG becomes the final nominee.

The clues are hidden around the house and I have to say production has done a great job at putting the creepiest ghouls and ghosts in this house to try and scare the HGs. Not to mention, the house is pitch black and the only lights the HGs get are head lamps. Listening to the HGs scream is hilarious.

It is time to find out how the HGs did. Mark did it in seven minutes and six seconds, Kevin did it in three minutes and 11 seconds. Elena did it in 12 minutes and 31 seconds and Jason did it in 12 minutes and 6 seconds. Jess did it in 15 minutes, Raven did it in nine minutes and Cody did it in three minutes. Matt did it in three minutes and 42 seconds and Alex did it in three minutes and six seconds and Paul did it in three minutes and 34 seconds.

Which means that Cody won and is safe and Jessica lost and is the third nom. Jessica purposely threw the comp to become the third nom, why? Because she wanted to make sure there are two other people on the block next to her which gives her a better chance because the person being evicted needs less votes. She also gets to play in Veto and has a chance of saving herself.

After the comp, Josh tells Paul he still wants Elena out, but Paul is still trying to talk him into Jessica being the target. Josh tells us that Elena is going to be his target regardless of what Paul wants. Paul goes to Elena and tells her that he is pretty sure that Josh is going to put Elena and Mark up as pawns. He tells her that he offered to be a pawn, but Josh said that he wanted Elena and Mark up there.

Elena goes up to talk to Josh and he tells her that he is putting her up there because she is a good competitor. She tells him that Paul said he would go on the block, but he didn’t want that. He then calls Paul up because she is throwing Paul under the bus. When Paul gets into the room, Josh turns it into Josh telling Paul that she threw him and Alex under the bus. He basically twisted her words a little to make it look better to Paul.

We end the episode off with the Nomination Ceremony where Josh puts Elena and Mark up on the block. During his nomination speeches, he tells Mark that he is a meatball, tells Elena that she is a strong competitor, but she was the best nomination considering Jessica is already on the block and tells Jessica that she is his target, but she isn’t.

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