Tonight we will watch as the houseguests on Big Brother 19 compete in the Head of Household competition! If you want to know who won the HOH comp this week, keep refreshing this page for all the details! If you don’t want to want to find out who won the HOH, you can find out the results right here!

Big Brother 19 Live Recap Episode 29 - Head of Household!

After the HOH is named, we will watch as they put up two nominations for eviction, as we do every week. If you haven’t been keeping up with my Big Brother 2017 spoilers, you can find out who the nominations for eviction are right here! Remember to refresh this page frequently for all the details of tonight’s show!

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We started tonight’s episode of Big Brother 19 off with the HOH comp that started last Thursday after the eviction of our friend Mark. Matt is talking about how if he was truely a pawn, there wouldn’t be votes against him. We then get an explanation about the two votes for Matt. Many were curious about whether Paul knew about the votes, well he knew they were going to throw one vote to Matt, but Alex messed up with her vote. The rogue vote was supposed to be so that they can pin it on Kevin later.

Back to the competition, It’s called Everyone’s a Wiener and they are all standing in hot dog buns. They move, like the wall comp and the last person standing wins HOH. After 17 minutes. Kevin falls and 20 minutes into the comp, Matt falls. 30 minutes in, Josh falls out of his bun. Raven is trying to make deals with the HGs because she wants a letter from home, Jason literally laughs at her and no one entertains the thought of making a deal with her.

Paul and Raven both fall after 53 minutes, Paul falls on purpose, Raven was really upset that she didn’t win because she wanted a letter from her mom. Now it is down to Jason and Alex and Alex is asking for a deal which has Paul wondering how strong they really are as a duo. We find out that Alex and Jason are putting a show on for the rest of the house. Meanwhile, Matt is getting really mad because Raven is cold and crying about losing. Jason and Alex are just going back and forth and it’s ticking Matt off big time. Matt is talking so much crap to them and Josh is telling us in his DR that Matt must have finally showed up to Big Brother and found his voice. After an hour of comp time, Jason finally gives in to her fake deal and she jumps off the wall and Jason wins HOH.

Everyone is freaking out at this point because they have no idea who Jason is going to put up and they are all a little worried that it’s them or their allies. When they get back into the house we find out that Jason’s target is the last showmance, Matt and Raven. Raven is freaking out because the last four people that have gotten evicted were in showmances.

While they were still outside and Matt brought up the rogue votes, Kevin started to spaz about it and started telling Paul that it wasn’t him. Josh overheard that conversation and then tells Kevin if it wasn’t him then he needs to calm down. Meanwhile, Kevin is pulling Jason aside telling Jason it wasn’t him and Jason tells him he knows because it was him and Alex. Josh is telling Alex about how Kevin was freaking about the vote and acting guilty.

Now we are getting a set of clips of Raven talking and no one understanding anything she has to say. Matt is making fun of her at some point telling her that they are going to get her a speech class that will teach her to talk slower and clearer. It is pretty bad, you can’t understand half of what she says. The only thing you can understand is when she mentions another disease that she has.

Paul is talking to Alex and tells her that he is going to convince Matt and Raven that the plan is to backdoor Kevin. He tells Matt and Raven that there are going to be pawns, it will most likely be him and Raven or him and Matt or Matt and Raven and they seem ok with this idea. That’s because they don’t know one of them is the actual target.

Paul and Christmas are talking about how Raven lies so much. We then get a clip of all the outrageous lies and at the end he tells Christmas that his favorite one was when she told him she liked his band. Christmas replies with “yea, that was a stretch.” Paul gives her a look that could kill and then they both laugh about it.

The Tree of Temptation lights up and they HGs are talking about how it isn’t worth the risk to pick an apple off the tree. Paul and Christmas are talking about how they have seen Paul get close to Jason and Alex and it makes them a little nervous. They aren’t sure if what Paul has been saying to them is the truth or if he has F3 plans with one of the other duos. I’m pretty sure the fact that he is a vet and has played this game before should have been the first thing to make you nervous, no?

Jason and Kevin are talking about how the rogue votes again and Jason is telling him that he needs to keep his eyes open, but his mouth shut about that. He needs to relax and that’s going to dig him deeper with the other HGs. After Kevin leaves the room, Paul and Raven come in and they are all bashing Kevin, but Jason was just doing this to make Raven feel more comfortable about being pawns. After Raven leaves, Paul asks who they are going to go after first, Matt or Raven. Jason tells Paul that he thinks they should take Matt out first because Raven will crumble without him.

We end tonight’s episode off with the Noms Ceremony. Jason puts Raven and Matt. He tells them that they are probably getting pretty comfortable there and then tells them that they are all aware of the agenda for this week and there is a POV coming up. He tells them all to get out there and win it.

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