Tonight we will watch as the Big Brother F5 compete in this week’s Head of Household comp. Don’t want to wait and find out who won the HOH? You can find out who won this week’s HOH comp right here with my Big Brother 2017 spoilers! You can also keep refreshing this page for all the details about tonight’s episode of Big Brother 19!

Big Brother 19 Live Recap Episode 35 - Head of Household Comp!

Not only will we find out who the new Head of Household is on Big Brother 19, but we will find out which two HGs will be put on the block. Don’t want to wait to find out which two HGs are in danger of being sent to the Jury house? You don’t have to! I have the names of the two nominees right here!

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We start the episode off with Paul pretending to be shocked by Jason and Raven’s departure. Josh is crying and Paul then asks Josh if he would have been evicted if he was on the block and this starts their fake fight. Josh knows that this only protects Paul’s game and exposes Josh’s, but goes with the plan anyways. We then get a look at Alex and Paul talking, he is doing damage control and is able to talk Alex into putting Kevin and Raven up.

We then get a look at Josh winning the POV and then going to talk to Alex about what he should do with it. She tells him to keep noms the same so they can get Kevin out, but that’s not how the votes fall. Raven is the one that ends up evicted because she is the better competitor of the two of them. Josh votes for Kevin to be evicted while Paul and Christmas vote for Raven. Kevin tells us how he goes the entire season without being on the block, but in the last 40 minutes, he’s been on the block twice and dodged eviction both times.

Alex and Josh are having a conversation in the lounge and she is giving Josh a pep talk about how it’s him against the house. Paul comes in with his fake crying and it is so noticeably fake. Josh is shocked by the fact that Paul went from crying to smiling as soon as Alex walked out of the lounge. His jaw practically hit the floor.

Alex calls Christmas, Paul and Josh into the rose room and they are talking. Alex is so confused as to how Kevin survived both evictions and Alex is talking about how she was blindsided by both Jason’s eviction and Kevin surviving the second eviction. They are talking about the next HOH and they are planning to throw it to Josh, but he tells Kevin they are planning to throw it to Christmas. Paul pulls Josh aside to tell him that they are throwing the HOH to him so he can take the shot at Alex, but Josh tells him he can’t do it. He then tells Paul and Christmas that he will take it, but he isn’t blindsiding her.

After Paul leaves the room, Christmas asks Josh how he is and he tells her “not good” and she gets annoyed with him. He tells us that he is confused about why Christmas is siding with Paul instead of Josh. We then see as Christmas and Paul have a conversation about how worried they are about Josh blowing up their game.

It is time for the HOH comp and Alex tells everyone that it is BB Comics week! They get a look at some of the past comic book covers. Moments later we get a look at the movie trailer for The Revengers. After the HGs get a look at the trailer, now it’s time for the HOH comp! There are cardboard cutouts of the characters from the trailer and the HGs will have to answer a set of questions about the trailer by putting the cardboard cutout up front.

After the first question, Josh, Christmas and Kevin get a point. After the second question, everyone gets a point. After the third question Christmas, Josh and Paul get a point. After the fourth question, Paul is the only one to get a point, but there is a three way tie for first place between Josh, Christmas and Paul with three points. Kevin has two.

After the fifth question, Kevin gets a point and he is now tied for first and he tells us that he wants a letter from home and pictures too. Everyone else has gotten them and he wants them too. He is gunning for HOH! With the sixth question, Kevin thinks about how Paul hasn’t steered him in the wrong direction and Josh is the only one with a point after this question. He is now in the lead and Kevin is confused because he is told that Christmas was supposed to win this. After the seventh and final question, everyone gets it wrong and Josh wins HOH!

Kevin is mad because if he knew that Josh was going to be the winner, he would have beaten him and taken the HOH. Alex is talking about how she has to act like Josh winning HOH doesn’t bother her so that she doesn’t end up a target, but what she doesn’t know, is she is already the target. The HGs get back to the house and Josh is telling us how Paul has gotten everyone to throw several comps and then it turns into him talking to Paul about Kevin. He tells Paul that he was worried that Kevin wasn’t going to throw it.

Josh is camtalking in the HOH and is telling us that he wants to take a shot at Paul, but he is worried about how Christmas will turn on him if he does. Josh tells us that he knows he can beat Kevin in the end, but doesn’t think he can beat Paul. We end the episode off with the nomination ceremony and Josh puts Kevin and Alex on the block. He tells Kevin that he floated to the end and flew under the radar and he wished that he would have played the game more. He tells Alex that she is a beast of a competitor and these are the nominations he had to make.

Just a reminder that this is the final Sunday episode of Big Brother 19! There will be an episode Wednesday (8/7c), Thursday (9/8c), Friday (8/7c) and then the two hour finale on Wednesday 9/20 starting at 8/7c!  

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