Last night was a long night on Big Brother live feeds after last night’s live eviction and Jury Battle Back. Keep reading my Big Brother 20 live feeds recap for all the Big Brother spoilers from last night’s live feeds including who won this week’s HOH! Make sure you come back later today for our nomination spoilers to find out who is on the chopping block this week.

The feeds came back from the live show and we got a look at the HGs catching Scottie up on everything he has missed since he was evicted last week. Scottie tells them that he thinks that Steve was a cop based on a police badge that Ross and Marissa had as a souvenir from their interview with him. Talks turned to Fessy’s eviction speech and Haleigh promises everyone that she had no idea he was going to say any of that. Kaycee asked Scottie about all the stuff he took from the house and he tells her that production confiscated it right away.

Sam had been upset about something, not sure what it was. She talked to Angela and asked her if everything that Fessy said about Angela was a lie. She tells Sam that without a doubt everything he said was not true about her. Sam then goes to Haleigh and tells her that she had every intention of voting to keep Haleigh, but felt guilty about voting out Fessy.

The feeds cut for the HOH comp set up, you can get all the details of the comp right here! The feeds came back when all the HGs were in position for the comp. It came to Tyler and Haleigh as the final two HGs in the comp. They were both holding on for dear life. There was a huge pie prop in the comp and at one point it started to slap the HGs and Haleigh sarcastically said “hit me harder next time, I want you to give it all you got” and the next go around she was hit with the pie and fell. I bet she instantly regretted her words. Tyler won this week’s HOH.

After the comp, Tyler and JC talk about what Tyler should do this week. JC thinks that Scottie should be the target this week, but Tyler really wants to see Haleigh gone this week. Later on Tyler has a conversation with Haleigh. She tells him that she is happy for him and sad at the same time and asked that she didn’t get put up this week. He told her that he would let her know before noms if he is going to put her up.

Tyler has a conversation with Angela after that and they talk about whether or not Scottie is with them or against them. Talks then turn to how annoyed Angela is with JC, Tyler tells her later on that they can’t let him know they are annoyed or it will just get worse.

There was a DR leak as Tyler was getting access to his HOH room. Right before he comes out of the doors from the DR to ask if anyone wants to see his HOH room, his mic activates and a man asks him if he knows who is noms are at this point and Tyler tells him probably Scottie and Haleigh. This happened at 2:35am BBT on cams 3 & 4 which are pointing at the DR door. The audio was just leaked on the feeds and not to the house. Make sure you come back later on for the nomination spoilers! I’m going to guess that it will be these two with Haleigh as the target.

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