Yesterday was a pretty whacky day on the Big Brother 20 live feeds. We had the POV Ceremony and found out if either of the current noms were going to be safe this week, but that wasn’t before Kaitlyn decided she needed to get all her secrets (and everyone else’s) off her chest. Keep reading to find out what happened on the Big Brother live feeds right here! 

The day started off with Kaitlyn confessing to Rockstar that she was the flip vote week one, keep in mind Rockstar already knew this. Kaitlyn claims she did it because Sam has a power that would have gotten one of her FOUTTE alliance members evicted in Sam’s place if she was evicted. Totally not how the power works, in fact, Kaitlyn has no idea how it works and is making it up as she goes. The conversation then turned to how Kaitlyn didn’t trust Tyler anymore because he didn’t rush to console her after her blowup with the Bros the day before. She mentions how someone could put Tyler up next week and she wouldn’t care.

A few minutes later, Tyler and Kaitlyn are talking and he is trying to calm her down. He asks her if he is her #1 and then continues with how he shouldn’t have to prove it to her every day that he is her #1. He tells her that he was trying to figure out how to get the target off her after she blew up on the Bros in front of everyone in the house. Kaitlyn goes into how she wishes Tyler didn’t tell her about Sam’s power and how she regrets sending Swaggy home. She even mentioned how she should have stayed in an alliance with them because they would have been loyal to a fault. Tyler is still trying to calm her down and asks him if she trusts him. He challenges her to tell him that she does, but she refused to.

After this conversation, Kaitlyn apparently had some epiphany that she should go tell Scottie that she was the flip vote that sent Steve home. She thinks that it’s better he hears it from her than the Bros. She’s probably right, but she probably shouldn’t have done that moments before the POV Ceremony. She tells him the same thing she told Rockstar, but with more theatrics. She was literally laughing and acting excited to be telling him this, but as you can see in the picture above, he isn’t amused.

The feeds cut for the POV Ceremony, when they come back we find out that even though Kaitlyn told Scottie she was the flipped vote, he didn’t use the POV and kept the Bros on the block. Winston is talking to JC about how he doesn’t think he can campaign against Brett. He also tells him that he has been feeling people out about their votes, but no one will tell him for sure how they are voting. (Maybe that’s because they are voting against you?)

Scottie is talking to Fessy and telling him he needs to find out more details about Sam’s power because she could end up using it this week if it expires this week (it expires next week). Bayleigh tells Scottie that Kaitlyn and Tyler both new about the power, Tyler knew about it the whole time. Scottie tells her that he finds that interesting because he just talked to Tyler and he acted like he had no idea.

The rest of the day there was a lot of talk about who the HGs were planning to keep this week. Rachel and Angela plan to keep Brett over Winston. JC and Tyler also plan to vote to keep Brett and also plan to throw the HOH comp to him. JC thinks that if Brett won HOH then he would target Kaitlyn because she is causing issues for everyone.

Rockstar and Fessy are trying to figure out Sam’s power while Scottie is trying to get information out of Kaycee. She pretends like she doesn’t know anything about it. Scottie tells her what Kaitlyn told him about the power, but she sticks to her “I don’t know anything” act. The HGs lounge for most of the evening and there are some random conversations around the house.

Rockstar and Bayleigh are talking and agree that Kaitlyn is nuts, I think at this point there isn’t a person on this planet that doesn’t agree. They aren’t sure how to handle her and would both like to see her BD’d at some point. Rockstar and Haleigh then have a conversation about how they would target next week. They agree that Angela and Winston are good noms for next week (they are clearly expecting Brett to be evicted this week).

Sam and Bayleigh have a conversation later on about how Kaitlyn is telling everyone that Sam has a power. Bayleigh asks Sam what made her tell Kaitlyn about it and Sam tells her because JC told her that Kaitlyn had one too. She also tells her that she told Kaitlyn to repay her for keeping her Week 1. Sam doesn’t plan on using the power this week and Bayleigh tells her about what Kaitlyn said about the power having dire consequences. Sam tells her it doesn’t do anything bad and that it is something good for her or someone of her choosing. Bayleigh tells her that Kaitlyn said it would put someone in Sam’s place if she was evicted and Sam tells her that isn’t true. Sam is really annoyed that Kaitlyn told everyone about her power.

Scottie and Rockstar later talked about how Tyler has been playing both sides and has clearly picked the other side over them. Scottie thinks that next week they should put Sam and Tyler on the block and see what Sam’s power is all about. Rockstar tells him that she would feel bad nominating Sam, but Scottie tells her he wouldn’t, not anymore.

Sam later tells Tyler that he is the only one that knows all the details of her power. She tells him that she told Kaitlyn that it has an expiration and Tyler suggests that if Kaitlyn asks about it again, she should tell her it expired this week. Sam tells him that her having a power has spread through the house and Tyler is frustrated. Sam thinks it was Kaitlyn that told everyone (which is mostly true, but Tyler had his hand in that too). Tyler tells Sam that he wants Kaitlyn gone. He also tells her that he is voting to keep Brett this week and Sam agrees to do the same. She also promises to keep her power until next week.

The night ended with a conversation between Scottie and Fessy that Kaitlyn joined in on. She asks them if they are voting Brett out because he has a power. She tells them that she assumes Brett has one because he stopped denying it. When Scottie and Fessy asked her for more details and she couldn’t give them any, Fessy got really annoyed with her.

It looks like Scottie’s side of the house really wants to keep Winston, where Tyler’s side is looking to get rid of Winston. Looks like Sam has no intentions of using her power this week, so next week we will see what happens when it is automatically used on whoever is evicted.

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