There is a new HOH in the Big Brother 20 house and yesterday was nomination day! We went into this day expecting to see two people hit the block, but during the day the plan shifted slightly. Keep reading to get all the Big Brother spoilers, including which two HGs were nominated for eviction during the nomination ceremony.

Yesterday we started the Big Brother live feeds off with a conversation between Brett, Tyler, Kaycee, and Rachel in the lounge. They are talking about how when Brett talked to Bayleigh the night before, no one had thrown any names at her as far as nominations. They all talked about what they can do to try and get Bayleigh to target Scottie this week instead. They mention that they should try and get her to change her mind about JC and replace him with Scottie on the block.

Meanwhile, Bayleigh and Sam are having a conversation about Scottie and Bayleigh is telling her that she wants to work with Scottie in the future and she isn’t touching him this week. Bayleigh tells Sam that her options for nominations are Scottie, Brett, Rachel, and JC. She tells her that she worried about putting Scottie up because he is a comp beast and she would hate to see him win the POV and take himself down and then be mad at her. She thinks that Rachel would be less upset with her. Bayleigh mentions that Scottie might be an evil, manipulative, genius, but he isn’t coming for her.

After this conversation, Rachel comes in to talk to her. Rachel tells Bayleigh that she thinks putting JC up will cause issues in the house. She tells Bayleigh that she thinks she should put Scottie up instead, but Bayleigh tells her that she was actually thinking about putting Rachel up as a pawn and that if Scottie goes this week, he has to be a BD option.

During this conversation, Bayleigh tells Rachel about her power. She tells Rachel that if she trusts Bayleigh this week, she will be safe next week. She tells her what her power does and then tells her that she would put Tyler and Scottie up secretly. Bayleigh tells her that this week’s noms will be either Brett and Rachel or Brett and JC. Rachel asks if she should win the POV and take herself down is she going to put JC up. Bayleigh tells her either JC or Scottie, but then a little later she tells Rachel that it would be Scottie and he would go home.

After her conversation with Bayleigh. Rachel hints to Angela that Bayleigh has a power. She doesn’t outright tell her that Bayleigh has a power, but tells her that what she thought before is true and they don’t have to worry for a little while. Angela has no idea what she is talking about but asks her if it has to do with one of the other two powers. Rachel nods, Angela says “Bayleigh” and Rachel nods again. Anglea asks that “she isn’t going to let us go home?” Rachel shakes her head. Rachel tells Angela that she can’t say anything because Bayleigh telling her that was huge and Angela agrees not to say anything. Rachel tells her the only reason she said anything to Angela is because she is her F2. Angela and Rachel continue to talk about how they are loyal to L6, but when it hits the fan, Bayleigh is going to protect them.

Before the nomination ceremony, Rachel goes to Brett to tell him that they are going on the block together. She tells him that she tried to sway Bayleigh . The go over how it will work out if one of them wins the POV and Rachel comes down and it’s Brett and Scottie on the block together. They think that they have four votes to keep Brett (but they need five this week). The noms ceremony happens and when the feeds come back, Brett and Rachel are on the block as planned.

Kaycee and Rachel go over scenarios and Rachel is confident that Bayleigh will keep her word and save her with the Veto if she wins it. They also plan on trying to distract Bayleigh from fixating on getting Brett out this week. As the day goes by, Rachel tells Brett that Bayleigh seems to be fixated on getting Brett out this week and she is starting to think that Scottie won’t be BD’d. Rachel then starts to panic because she has realized that if Brett wins the POV she will be on the block next to Scottie. She thinks he has the other power (he doesn’t) and starts to freak out even more that if he uses his imaginary power, she will be screwed this week. Rachel is in full panic mode at this point and it’s only an hour and a half after hitting the block.

Bayleigh and JC have a conversation. JC was told by Fessy earlier that Fessy was the one who convinced Bayleigh not to put JC up. Bayleigh gets annoyed and tells JC that she decided that on her own. They then talk about the POV options and both agree that it would be good for everyone but the noms if the Veto went unused this week.

Bayleigh then has a conversation with Tyler. She asks him if he figured out who tried to frame him with that vote for Rockstar. He tells her that some are telling him it was Scottie and some are saying it’s Brett (it was JC). They talk about working together going forward and Tyler tells her that if he wins the HOH next week, she would be safe.

Tyler tries to calm Rachel down. He tells her that he can convince Bayleigh that Scottie is his best friend and then if Tyler wins the Veto and uses it, Bayleigh will be mad enough to put up “Tyler’s best friend,” Scottie. Meanwhile, Kaycee and Bayleigh are talking about what happens if the Veto is used. She tells her that Scottie would be the renom. She then tells Kaycee that if she wins the Veto, she is going to tell everyone that she will keep the noms the same if they promise to vote Brett out. She tells Kaycee she would still use it to save Rachel though.

Tyler talked to JC last night and they are discussing the rogue vote for RS. Tyler thinks it was Scottie, but JC suggests that maybe it was Fessy. JC is playing an interesting game here. Still not exactly sure why Bayleigh told Rachel about her power and then nominated her, but I guess we will see how that plays out. Stay tuned later today for the Power of Veto! I will have the players and results for that as soon as it happens!

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