Tonight we will watch as the remaining HGs on Big Brother 20 battle it out for the next HOH. After we will see who they choose to put up for eviction for week 8 on Big Brother. If you don’t want to wait to find out who won HOH or who the noms are for the week, you can get all the details in our Big Brother spoilers. Otherwise, keep refreshing this page for all the details of tonight episode of Big Brother 20! 

We started tonight’s episode of Big Brother 20 off with the HOH comp. This is a Slip N’ Slide comp and the HG who fills their tube with “rave fuel” will win this week’s HOH. While we watch the HOH comp take place, we watch as Brett celebrates Rockstar’s eviction during her best friends HOH. Haleigh isn’t happy that she was lied to for the whole week by three people in the house. I have to say, watching the HGs slip and slide all over the place is pretty entertaining.

We continue to watch as the HGs race back and forth filling their tubes and it was pretty close between Scottie, Tyler and Fessy, but Tyler falls behind a little. Fessy ends up winning the HOH and Scottie is pretty disappointed that he came in second, but he is convinced that he is safe this week with Fessy in the HOH. Tyler is worried that this is going to be a bad week for L6.

Haleigh and Scottie are talking about how they have to make sure that Fessy knows Scottie was the one who voted to keep Rockstar. Brett however plans on claiming this vote to make Fessy think that Scottie voted against them and can’t be trusted. Meanwhile, Fessy and Haleigh are talking in the lounge about how Fessy doesn’t want to put up Angela or Kaycee up because they aren’t going to win anything, but he also doesn’t want to put Tyler up. He mentions wanting to put Scottie up and Haleigh flips because she doesn’t want to lose another alliance member.

JC and Fessy are talking now and JC is trying to convince Fessy that Brett was the one who voted to keep Rockstar. Fessy tells JC that he has a plan to figure this all out. JC goes back to Kaycee, Tyler and Angela and tells them that he told Fessy that Brett was the one who voted to keep Rockstar and that Scottie is out to get Fessy because Scottie likes Haleigh.

After this we watch as Fessy gets to reveal his HOH room to the rest of the HGs. Fessy is reading his letter and crying, the only one who isn’t in the room is Sam who decided to take a shower. After he reads his letter, drama breaks out. Fessy asks who the one vote for Rockstar was and Scottie raises his hand and Fessy asks again to make sure everyone is on the same page. Brett raises his hand and tells them that he is the one who voted for Rockstar. He tells them that he didn’t want to tell everyone, but he did it.

Scottie tells them that this is cute, Brett tells him he can think what he wants but he is the one who wore a Swaggy C shirt and voted him out. Scottie then tells Kaycee that she is a bullsh*t actor and Kaycee gets defensive. Fessy tells them that he has nothing else to say and everyone leaves the room. Kaycee is yelling at Scottie for coming at her like that when they have been so close since day one.

JC is talking to Haleigh now and he is telling her that Scottie has been lying to her. He is telling her that Scottie likes her. JC is telling us in the DR that his goal this week is to get Scottie on the block and he is going to do this by getting Fessy jealous. Haleigh tells us in her DR that she isn’t believing anything JC is trying to sell her. Haleigh is telling Fessy that Scottie is coming after him because he wants to get closer to Haleigh.

Scottie comes into the room and the conversation changes. JC tells them he is going to bed, Fessy tells them he is going to bed and Scottie leaves the room, but on his way out, he tells Haleigh that he loves her. When she doesn’t get up right away to go downstairs, he asks if she is coming and she says “shortly.” Haleigh and Fessy are talking and she is telling him that if he really wants to put Scottie up, then he can. She notices Scottie outside the room playing chess by himself and she goes to talk to him. Fessy tells her that now isn’t the time to console him, but she goes anyway because she isn’t having any part of his macho jealousy.

Haleigh and Scottie are talking and she asks him if he has talked to Fessy yet. He tells her that he hasn’t and then says “there isn’t a chance I’m going up, is there?” She tells him that he needs to go talk to Fessy, because she has no idea. He goes up to talk to Fessy and is telling Fessy that Brett is working with Kaycee and that’s why when Brett said what he said the night before she jumped in. Fessy tells us that he isn’t buying what Scottie is selling because of all the other things that Scottie has done this season.

Haleigh tries to talk Fessy out of putting Scottie up. It doesn’t seem to be working and she gets annoyed with him and tells him that she hopes they go up on the block together next week and that he feels bad when she gets evicted.

We ended tonight’s episode of Big Brother 20 off with the nomination ceremony. Fessy has nominated Brett and Scottie for eviction. He tells them that he did it because they both took claim for the vote for Rockstar. He adds that Brett beats around the bush with him all the time and Scottie voted Swaggy C out wearing one of his shirts and that’s a shady move if he has ever seen one. Brett couldn’t be happier about Scottie being on the block and Scottie is freaking out about being on the block and how it doesn’t make any sense. JC calls himself the puppet master and Fessy his big dumb puppet.

Make sure you come back for the POV Comp on Wednesday! If you can’t wait to find out who won the POV, you can find out with our Big Brother spoilers!

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