Kaycee is in the HOH on Big Brother 20 this week and Sam and Haleigh are sitting on the chopping block, luck for them, the Power of Veto is up for grabs! If you don’t want to wait to find out who won this week’s POV Comp, you can find out right here with our Big Brother spoilers! Keep refreshing this page for all the details of tonight’s BB Comics POV Comp!

We started tonight’s episode off with the fall out after the nomination ceremony. Kaycee tells us that Haleigh is her target this week because she put her on the block twice. Sam has been told that she is safe and she promises that she isn’t going to lose her cool this week. She does start to freak out a little bit, but Haleigh is hoping for a full-blown freakout.

Meanwhile, JC and Brett are talking about how if Sam or Haleigh wins the POV, one of them will go up. Brett tells us it will be JC because Brett is in L6 and JC tells us that he is going to try his hardest to win the POV to keep noms the same.

Kaycee calls all the HGs to the living room. She has a card that says congratulations to them for making the top 7 and hopefully, this will help them during the rest of their journey. They get a look at home videos! Angela gets to see a video of her parents, Brett gets one from his sisters and mom and Sam gets one from her mom, dad, and brother. Tyler gets a video from his mom and stepfather, Kaycee gets a message from her brothers and dad, JC gets a message from his friend Regina, he explains that he doesn’t have a close relationship with his family and he feels like no matter what he does he will never be good enough for his family. Finally, Haleigh gets a message from her mom and dad.

It’s time to pick players for the POV Comp! Kaycee pulls Tyler’s chip, Haleigh pulls Angela’s chip and Sam pulls HG choice and she chooses Brett. JC is a little bummed that he didn’t get to play. JC tells Tyler after that if one of the noms comes down, he wants to see Brett go up. They are then talking about what Tyler is going to do if he wins HOH this week because Angela and Kaycee need to go up next. Tyler tells us that the more he pushes the Kaycee and Angela situation, the more he wants JC put up as the renom.

It is time for the POV comp! It is BB Comics! The HGs will have to look at four screens and then go look through the city and rid the city of the evil imposters! They will come across a superhero and an imposter and they will have to decide which one is the real one and which one is the imposter. The HG that finishes fastest, wins the POV! Tyler gets one wrong his first time through but gets them all correct the second time around. Sam runs right past Winston at the end. Haleigh gets done fairly quickly and Angela does also. Kaycee goes and then Brett finishes it out.

It is time to get the HGs times!

  • Tyler – 6:35
  • Brett – 7:30
  • Kaycee – 2:17
  • Sam – 15:48
  • Angela – 9:53
  • Haleigh – 18:56

Kaycee blows this competition out of the water! Sam trusts Kaycee when she says that she is safe this week. Haleigh is beating herself up over losing the POV comp and not being able to save herself from eviction. Tyler tells Kaycee after the POV comp that JC has been coming to Tyler telling him that they should go after Kaycee and Angela. He also doesn’t like the confidence that JC has that Brett is in his back pocket.

It is time for the Veto Meeting! Kaycee tells the nominees that she has decided not to use the Power of Veto this week. She tells them that it wouldn’t make any sense for her to change her own nominations at this point in the game.

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