It’s surprise eviction night on Big Brother 20 tonight, but first, we will see how the POV Comp played out. We will then find out whether to POV was used to save JC or Sam. After we know who the final noms are, we will watch as one of them is evicted from the house tonight! If you don’t want to wait to find out who was evicted, you can check out our Big Brother spoilers to get the details!

We start tonight off with a look at Julie telling the HGs to gather in the living room, but not to sit in the nomination chairs. This is because the POV comp and ceremony had already happened and they didn’t want to spoil the final noms for us. They are told that they are going to be having a surprise eviction tonight! We then rewind to the nomination ceremony and watch as the HGs react to the nominations. Sam knows that no one in the house wants to hurt her, they just want the money. JC is upset because he thinks that Tyler is behind his nomination. Tyler is bummed because Sam and JC have been both really good allies to him.

Later we watch as Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee are sitting in the HOH room watching JC talk to Orwell on the couch in the living room. After watching that, JC and Tyler have a conversation about Tyler using the POV to take JC down if he wins it. JC then tells Tyler that if he does that then Angela has no choice but to put Kaycee up and then they vote Kaycee out.

Before the POV Comp gets going, we watch as the HGs, minus Sam, whipped cream fight in the kitchen. Sam is in the HN room making things out of random stuff found around the house. It is time for the POV Comp on Big Brother 20! The HGs have to go through a maze and hit buzzers at three stations in a specific order. They have to hit the buzzer at the one wizard, two wolves, then three witches and then get to the sword at the end. They have 30 seconds in between buzzers. If they don’t do it in the 30 seconds, they have to start all over again. The first HG to complete the maze wins.

Tyler goes first and ends up having to start over once during his go through, Kaycee goes and also finds herself starting over and Angela also finds herself starting over quite a few times. Sam goes fourth and is having a hard time navigating through this maze also. JC goes last and he, like everyone else, has a really hard time finding his way through this maze in time.

  • Kaycee finished in 5:46
  • Sam timed out at 30 minutes
  • Tyler finished in 6:29
  • Angela finished in10:50
  • JC finished in 11:09

Kaycee wins the POV for the fourth time this season! JC knows that all he has to do is lay low, but Sam is hoping that laying low will help her stay too. It is time for the Veto Ceremony and Kaycee decides not to use the POV and tells Sam and JC that she doesn’t want to shake the house up at this point in the game. Tyler is really upset that he has to backstab either Sam or JC this week because they have been such great allies to him.

It is time for the eviction speeches then the live vote and eviction! Tyler and Kaycee are the only ones to vote this time around and the votes are:

  • Kaycee – Sam
  • Tyler – Sam

With two votes to evict, Sam is evicted from the Big Brother house and sent to the jury!

It is time for the HOH comp where Kaycee, Tyler, and JC are competing in What the Bleep! The winner tonight will also be eligible to compete in the next HOH comp. They will be shown phrases with one word bleeped out, Julie will then tell them the bleeped out word.

  1. JC and Tyler got a point
  2. JC gets a point
  3. No one got a point
  4. Everyone got a point
  5. Everyone got a point
  6. JC and Tyler got a point
  7. Kaycee got a point

With five points, JC won the HOH! Make sure you come back tomorrow night to find out who is evicted tomorrow night. If you missed who JC nominated, you can get the details right here! I should have POV spoilers for you at some point before then also!

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