Tonight on Big Brother 20 we will find out who Kaitlyn puts up as her nominees for eviction. If you have been following my Big Brother spoilers, then you already know. If you haven’t been and would like to know who Kaitlyn’s nominees are, you can find out right here! Keep reading to see how the nomination ceremony plays out!

After the nomination ceremony, we will learn with HG in the Big Brother 20 house got the Power App and which HG got the Crap-App. We have found out on the live feeds who has the Crap-App but still don’t know who has the Power App so this could be exciting! Keep refreshing this page to find out all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 20!

Tonight’s episode of Big Brother 20 started where Thursday night’s episode ended. Kaitlyn winning the HOH and Julie saying goodnight to the HGs. We are getting a look at some of the blowback from the eviction and Kaitlyn’s flip vote. Sam couldn’t be happier that she still has her power and Swaggy couldn’t be more upset that Steve was evicted instead of Sam.

Tyler is trying to convince Swaggy and Fessy that the power is what got Steve evicted. When Winston comes in and sees them meeting, he makes a comment “cool meeting” to them and Swaggy gets all bent out of shape. Meanwhile, Scottie is in the storage room talking to himself….oh wait, Sam is hiding in the cabinet. He was talking to Sam.

Fessy and Swaggy are still trying to figure out which of their alliance members flipped. Fessy tells us that he is excited that Kaitlyn is the HOH because he is working with her, but he’s also a little nervous because things have been awkward between them since he started getting closer to Haleigh.

Tyler and Sam are talking in the storage room and they are talking about who voted to keep Sam. Tells her that he was able to get Kaitlyn to go against her alliance because of some drama with Swaggy thinking he ran their alliance and how he thought of Kaitlyn as the low man on the totem pole.

He then goes upstairs to the HOH room and tells Kaitlyn that Sam has the power. She then tells Tyler “perfect then I’ll put her up against Swaggy.” He tells her “no” because Sam can use the power on anyone in the house. Kaitlyn then wants to target two people in the L6 alliance and he’s like “don’t you want Swaggy out?” Puts Swaggy back in her sights.

We get a look at some of Kaitlyn’s one on ones. She talks to Sam and Sam tells her about her power in hopes that it will be a bargaining chip. Kaitlyn then meets with Winston and tells him that she is going to BD Swaggy this week, but then tells him that she has to put him up as a pawn. She then talks to Scottie and tells him that Winston is her target and she needs Scottie to be a pawn. He’s freaking out a little bit.

Kaitlyn then tells Swaggy that Winston and Scottie are going up. Winston is her target and Scottie is a pawn. He is really excited that Winston is her target. In her diary room session, she tells us that Winston is a target, but a few weeks down the line and this week, her target is Swaggy because of all the things he was saying about her behind her back.

Fessy gets a Hamazon delivery and he isn’t happy about it. He wants this over with. Luckily, when he opens his box, he finds a note that says this will be his final Hamazon delivery. Moments later, the BB App Store announcement comes over the speakers. Winston is the first to go and he doesn’t get anything from the BB App Store. JC goes next and gets nothing as well. Haleigh gets nothing, Kaycee gets nothing, and then Bayleigh goes up and she also gets nothing.

Rachel goes and she ends up getting the least trending HG and chooses the Yell! app which will cause an angry reviewer to yell reviews about her and her gameplay. Kaitlyn doesn’t get anything, Brett doesn’t get anything, Sam isn’t eligible but has to go in anyways. Rockstar doesn’t get anything. Swaggy goes and gets nothing also. Tyler goes in and he got the Power App! He chooses The Cloud which allows him to sit in a cloud one time over the next 8 weeks if he is worried that he might be the target for a nomination or a renom at a Veto Ceremony. This will stop him from being able to be nominated.

The rest of the HGs go in one by one and finish it out. Swaggy, Fessy, and Scottie are all talking about the BB App Store and they all tell each other they were denied. Scottie is worried about being on the block and how her plan is stupid because she is risking one of their numbers. Swaggy and Fessy agree that it is a dumb move and tell Scottie that he has to talk to Kaitlyn if he is that worried about being a pawn.

Fessy goes to talk to Kaitlyn and tells her that Scottie is really nervous about being a pawn this week. She goes to talk to Scottie and Tyler and Fessy are talking. They are talking about the Power App and who might have it and Tyler is deflecting. He has done a great job at keeping this to himself because as someone who watches the feeds, I didn’t even know he had it.

Kaitlyn is finished talking to Scottie and then goes back to talk to Fessy and makes a comment about how no matter what happens, it’s the best for their game. Fessy is feeling a little freaked out and he is second guessing what Kaitlyn is really planning this week.

It is now time for the nomination ceremony. Her first nominee is Scottie and the second nominee is Winston. Scottie because he was going to use the Veto if he won it last week and that would have put her in danger of going up as a renom. She tells Winston that he just isn’t playing an offensive game. They are both not feeling very comfortable on the block even though they are both pawns. She plans on BD’ing Swaggy because she is sick of his attitude and his ego.

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