We are all wondering who is going to benefit from Sam’s power this week on Big Brother 20, but first we have to find out who is playing in the POV. Will there be a chance for the noms to change? If you have missed out on who the HOH is this week or who their nominations were this week, find out all the details with our Big Brother spoilers

Sam has named her noms and has made it pretty clear that she doesn’t really care which of them goes home this week. She purposely picked them because she feels like they are the weakest competitors in the house and are least likely to make it back in.

The feeds went down for the players to be picked and when the feeds came back, this is what we found out!

This week’s POV Players are:

  • Sam (HOH)
  • Kaitlyn and Haleigh (noms)
  • JC, Fessy and Rockstar

What do you think about this scenario? Do you think there is a potential for a change in noms when the POV Ceremony comes? Sam has already made it clear to everyone that no matter who wins, she wants them to do whatever they feel like with the Veto come the POV Ceremony. We will find out for sure on Monday!

Stay tuned to find out who the winner of this week’s POV comp is a little later today!

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