Whew! The Big Brother 2011 House better batten down the hatches, cause after today’s Veto Meeting, the house goes to war.

After a night of talks with the nominees and potential replacements, Jeff has made up his mind…And it’s gonna be a doozy.

The chat with Kalia was the same mundane, “I really want to stay, and do what’s best for me and Dani,” crap.

But the pow-wow with Dani was a fishing expedition. As he probed to see what kind of deal she’d cut to stay in the house, he asked several times, “well, what could I expect from you, if I keep things the same?” Dani would not offer any kind of solid answer, and I believe that cemented things for Jeff. If she’d promised a F4 or more..He might…MIGHT have re-thought things. But she even told him she hoped he’d keep Kalia. Jeff knows that evicting Porshe does nothing for his game, so….

Dani told Kalia right after the talk that she feels like she may go up, but if she does….”There is gonna be Hell to pay, in fact, it’s gonna be hell for everyone in this house.” This of course, from Daniele, who has already said, “OK, Brendon is gone…Jeff is next.” She’s going to talk about her “honesty” and how she could have backdoored him three times. But Jeff knows the only reason she didn’t, is that she was more threatened by Brendon. He also knows that he’s next on her list..

Most of the rest of the house will try to hunker down and dodge the bullets, but Jordan’s already warned Rachel not to stir things up if “it happens.” Uh…Rachel never listens to anyone, however, so hair and nails may fly.

If you have the LIVE FEEDS–you are one lucky sucker, cause it’s gonna be madness in the Big Brother 2011 House the rest of the week, as Dani throws every stick of dynamite she owns.  If you want to give the 3-Day FREE Trial a shot… SIGN UP HERE to watch it for yourself. This week’s surprise double-eviction is going to hit the HG’s right in the proverbial nads on Thursday and it’s gonna be exciting!

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