Tension in the Big Brother 2011 house ran so high yesterday, it was only a matter of time before it exploded. And when it did… WHEW! Blood and guts splattered every wall of the house.

It started around 1pm BBT (check out the Flashback feature on the Feeds) when Kalia and Brendon had it out in the backyard. Brendon had had it with Kalia’s wishy-washy lies. When she–once again–proclaimed herself the “most honest person in the house” Brendon lost his cool, setting off a chain of events that ended with a battle royale in the Big Brother 2011 Kitchen.

Kalia stormed back into the house cussing and screaming at everyone–until Jordan (yep, sweet little Jordan) called for a house meeting to “clear the air.”

In the kitchen, the battle-lines centered around one person–Daniele–who,  for a big part of the showdown, refused to come out of the back bedroom.


When she finally came out, she sat silently for a long time, allowing Dom and Kalia to fight her battles until–an exasperated Jeff told Kalia to quit looking at them–the Vets–for blame, but to turn around to the person behind her.. The person they  need to blame for all the trouble was sitting right behind Kalia. Once Dani finally spoke up.. The gloves came off in a BIG way.

The tight Vet alliance called Dani out, telling the house that the only reason Dom was going home was strictly because of Daniele’s sneaky betrayal. Jeff only wanted to know one thing from Dani.. WHY?? Why him, when they were supposed to be “friends?”

Daniele shim-shammied and hem-hawwed, throwing the blame back at everyone else…Doing all she could to make sure the stank didn’t stick to her. But guess what? She’s Velcro.. Everything is stuck to her and there’s nothing she can do about it. The barbs were flung back and forth, until everyone in the room was blooded.

When they eventually decided they were getting nowhere, the house split up–as the Newbies began trying to pull Shelly and Porshe back over to their side. Even while the whispering convos commenced, Daniele snuck out and gave Jeff a flip, insincere apology.. The best he could ever hope to get from her.

The real contest begins tonight, as we see the first ENDURANCE comp of the Season.  Last year’s endurance comps were a bitter disappointment. No one really cared, so they dropped like flies and it was over rather quickly.  Tonight, on the LIVE FEEDS– this will not happen. If you want to see blood, sweat and tears– SIGN UP HERE FOR YOUR FREE TRIAL of the LIVE FEEDS as the HG’s battle it out on the biggest, baddest ENDURANCE comp I believe we’ve seen in YEARS! Do not miss this!!!



Up until the early hours the Newbies were still scrambling for votes for Dom.  No matter what they say.. I think Shelly and Porshe will stick with the Vet side, and vote out Dom. Even Kalia began side-stepping, telling Dani and Dom that if she feels the votes will go against him, she’ll have to switch her vote. I have zero respect for her… As she will 100% go with the power. But it’s too little, too late..

I am more excited about tonight’s comp than I have been in a long time!! Cannot WAIT! If you want to see the real nitty-gritty Big Brother played out in real time.. Now is your moment.. Sign up here!

WHAT DO YOU THINK THE NEW TWIST WILL BE?  Will it involve someone coming back???????


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