Last night in the Big Brother 2011 House, we had a lot of significant events.

We had a birthday celebration.

We lost a cute little tutu-creature, but got a sweet little Jordan back.

We had a drunk Rachel following Daniele around, annoying the piss out of her.

And most significant of all….we had POV picks. Basically, everyone BUT Rachel–who will host.

A night-before POV pick, usually signifies an early POV comp, so stay close to your LIVE FEEDS or SIGN UP HERE to witness the fallout from the comp today.

If Dani wins.. It puts Jeff in a bit of a sticky situation. She claimed she wouldn’t use it, but chances are, she’ll save her “bestie” Kalia. If she does.. Jeff has a hard call to make. ¬†We’ll wait on that till after POV..



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