We’ve been waiting for her all summer, and it finally happened! The Big Brother 2011 Fortune Teller (named Crystal, btw) finally awoke from her summer-long slumber to torment the remaining 5 HG’s. (Sorry, Shelly. All your begging did no good.)


Per Big Brother Live Feeds

CBS is blocking the feeds until tomorrow night. We have some fun live shows planned with Howie and Kevin! Janelle will be Skyping with Howie today at 3pm PT!
18 minutes ago

2-3pm PT live call-in show with Howie and Kevin
3-4pm PT Howie Skypes with Janelle
4-5pm PT Game Show Hour with Kevin & Howie
5-6pm PT Happy Hour w/ Kevin & Howie (bring your drinks!)

And if you have never watched BB11 Kevin Cambells’ show called OMG/WTF-– you are missing a real treat! It is HILARIOUS!   There are all sorts of BB shows about what’s happening in the house for us to pass the time with until the Wed show!

All night, beginning at FLASHBACK 9:37pm BBT, the mysterious Crystal spoke: ““Greetiings, HG. I am Crystal, the BB FT. I have a premonition that winner of BB is in room with me.”

She told them that each time she laughs, the HG’s will have one minute to get to the Parlor Room to hear one of her premonitions, and that if they don’t listen carefully, they won’t win the next HOH.

In case you aren’t aware– the HG’s will have the Week 9 Eviction today, and possibly the next HOH comp-followed by the final, all-important Big Brother 2011 VETO comp, all of which will likely be seen on the Wednesday show. Remember– the winner of this VETO will be the sole vote on who leaves, and who stays to play with them and the HOH in F3.  Yesterday afternoon, the HG’s were informed of this, which threw them all for a loop. FLASHBACK 4:32pm BBT-No news yet on what will happen to the LIVE FEEDS today and tomorrow.

Periodically through the night, Crystal’s demonic laugh filled the house, and the HG’s scurried to hear her fortunes/zingers on the HG’s:

  • In 2018 shelly will make millions when her book “How I created the perfect tan and how you can tan, too.” reaches #3 on the all-time best seller list.


  • In 2017, after the hot Miami sun becomes too much for her to bear, P will move to Anchorage, Alaska, and live in an igloo with an Eskimo named Ernie.


  • In 2014 Jeff will disappear from society. He will be last seen wandering the Chicago streets muttering two words: Clown Shoe


  • On Oct 15th, 2011 at 3:42pm Dani will reconcile with her father Dick. On Oct 15th, 2011 at 3:49pm they will go back to not speaking.


  • In 2014 after sleeping for 19 straight days and making national headlines in a sleep study, Kalia will earn her dream job as a mattress and pillow tester.


  • After taking 9 years to earn his PHD, Brendan will shock scholars and physicians alike after discovering the cure for an ailment that plagued him his entire life: Athlete’s foot.


  • In 2016 Lawon will take New York fashion week by storm when he launches his handsomefied line of hats, ties, and jackets.


  • In 2020 Adam will file for bankruptcy after investing his life savings into a line of bacon-scented, heavy metal teddy bears for children.


  • In 2018 Rachel will give birth to a 9lb 6oz bouncing baby boy, naming it Bookie Jr. after its proud father.


  • In 2012 Cassie will land a role alongside international mega star David Hasselhoff in the country-fied Baywatch reboot, “Riverwatch“.


  • In 2015 Evel Dick will start a Christmas tradition by bringing gifts to heavily-tattooed orphans, changing his name from Evel Dick to Old Saint Dick.


  • In 2013 Dominic will grace the cover of Seventeen magazine with the headline “Total Domination”. He will dethrone pop sensation Justin Beiber as America’s favorite heart throb.


  • In 2015 Keith will land a job hosting a new dating show called “Love Rejection” but it will be short-lived, after it’s revealed he tried to date all 29 female contestants.


  • In 2011, after the runaway success of the Humilitard, Jordan will launch a line of Humilitard inspired items including the Humilicar, the Humilifier and the Humili-bake oven.

The HG’s all studied feverishly all night, but even after going to bed..at the writing of this at 2:48am BBT, the old gal was still doing her thing, repeating the phrases and denying the hamsters sleep.

Around 11:32pm BBT FLASHBACK, Rachel asks Jordan if she really has to vote to keep Kalia? (Earlier, Jordan had decided to give Kalia a vote, thereby keeping her word to her never to vote her out.)  Jordan is thinking about it, worried that Adam could decide to keep K… A dangerous situation, as Kalia is very good at remembering the phrases, while both Porshe and Jordan are struggling.

I think this is Adam’s HOH to lose, and so does he.. Earlier in the night, he  gave his word to R/J that he would vote out Porshe over them, since he’s decided to roll with the Vets to the end.








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