Well, it’s pretty much a done deal now. Porshe won Part II of the Big Brother 2011 final HOH comp.
Now, she and Rachel will face off in Part III on finale night, when the Jury votes for the winner.

If I hadn’t seen it for myself, I would never have believed it.. Yet, you must give her credit, I guess. Porshe pulled it off, though it is a difficult pill for hard-core BB fans to swallow, since most of the comps she won were AFTER the better, stronger players had been evicted.

That a HG who’s never watched the show–who was picked due to ‘connections’–and slept through battles, until other, stronger players fell on the battlefield. That a carrion crow-player might win????
Bitter Pill…

Especially since last night, when the HG’s discussed what they’d do next summer, Porshe smugly replied, “I’ll be back here for All-Stars.”  A winner?  Possibly. A star? I don’t think so.

It’s becoming more common, though, so we should be used to it. As much as I like Jordan as a person, the same thing basically happened that season as well, and in several other years. (As we all know—Our BB super-warriors tend to fall.)

Last night, after the girls celebrated, and told Adam they were going to take each other, Adam admitted defeat and told them he’d most likely vote for whomever wins the Part III comp.

Adam is the key vote, too. If we break it down, it will likely go like this:

Shelly—-Porshe (cause she’s probably going to vote for whoever Dani tells her to vote for)

So, that leaves Adam as the swing vote. With his comment about voting for whoever wins the final comp, Rachel must win the Final comp, or…… well, you know.. Stay tuned to your LIVE FEEDS to see if Adam can possibly talk one of the girls around.

My dream is that next year, they’ll require IQ tests for the folks who try out, and throw out any applicants who score lower than 120–no matter WHAT they look like in a bikini! I would love to see a Big Brother where brains matter more than brawn.


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