Do we have a new Big Brother 2011 Mastermind?

If what happened last night pans out today.. The answer is yes!

Shelly chuckles to herself as her scheme unfolds

Last evening, Shelly sat with Kalia in the hammock and set her plan to keep Rachel into motion. She convincingly talked Kalia into considering putting Porshe up today. By the end of their conversation, Kalia ran upstairs and told Dani she was considering cutting a deal with Rachel for their safety and putting Porshe up and out-because they wouldn’t be worried about Porshe coming after her if she comes back. But if Rachel comes back and is gunning for them.. Things would get ugly. It would also bring JeJo back on her (Kalia’s) side, since they want to put floaters out. AND it would prove to the house that Kalia is not simply doing Dani’s bidding, but has a mind of her own.


Of course, Dani did NOT like that idea, as she has already “hypmotized” Porshe to do her bidding.

In the wee hours, another Big Brother 13 plan was hatched.. Lawon offered himself as the person to go up.. He’s even willing to go out–as the Dombies are now convinced that whoever goes out will come right back in..

It was SUPER nutty last night.. Check out the FLASHBACK beginning around 7:08pm BBT. If you still don’t have the FEEDS–Good grief, why not? ¬†With Jeff taking himself off the block and the twist coming up this week. It should be the best FEED week EVER!!

In other news- Rachel tried to apologize to Daniele for her behavior, but Dani was condescending to her..

Will it work? Will Shelly overcome weeks of Dani’s manipulations? And will Rachel swear on her first born that she won’t come after Dani and Kalia–and end up turning on JeJo and Shelly?

Stay tuned today for the results of the VETO ceremony and see where the cards fall!

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