Well, we made it! It’s Big Brother 2011 Premiere Day!! *Woot Woot- Naked Happy Dance*

UPDATE–Interview with Big Brother’s notorious Zingbot 3000 offers us plenty of clues.
Check out ET’s Zing-Fest HERE
The rumors are flying fast and furious now.. Sources say the Returning Duos have been paired up with Newbies- and one of the “Dynamics” has already been evicted! I do hope that’s not true. Only a few more hours to wait and see…..

Tonight, as we’re perched in front of our TV’s (tuned into on CBS at 9/8 Central) shivering with anticipation and thrumming with excitement, we’ll FINALLY learn what those dastardly Big Brother producers have in store for us. Oh blessed be–thy most joyous of days. 🙂

Here’s what we know… Eight regular human beings have been in the BB House since July 2nd. Tonight, we’ll learn who won the first HOH competition, if anyone’s hooking up, who’s already hating on someone (you know it’s happening)..

But it’s what we don’t know that’s given all us BB super-fans a lot of sleepless nights. ….Who are the Dynamic Duos?? Will the Duos have to pair up with newbies, or each other? Will they get a week or two of safety from eviction?  Will they have to compete to gain a spot in the house??  Can you feel the excitement??

Soon our agony will be over, and we’ll get to see which Big Brother Superstars will join the other HG’s as part of the Big Twist! But… you know Big Brother 2011  There’s more coming.. Oh yes.. There’s more coming..

Oh great TV gods above.. Hurry…Hurry..Hurry…

Now.. If you haven’t signed up for the Big Brother Superpass LIVE FEEDS— Now’s your chance. There’s still plenty of time, but you don’t want to miss the beginning, do you? People all over the country will tune in at midnight to separate the truth from the CBS. (if you know what I mean) So– you better get to it, if you don’t want to miss out!! The Feeds will go online LIVE at midnight tonight– so GET YOURS HERE  if you want to see what they can’t–and will NEVER– show you on CBS.

And– during the Premiere and immediately after– jump on our CHAT, Facebook and Comments–while we judge, analyze and dish about every second!

To whet your appetite- Check out this video of Julie Chen and the ladies of “The Talk” when they spent time in the Big Brother House…




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