Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, right? And even in the Big Brother 2011 House, there are no specific activities planned, no competitions, no ceremonies. Serenity should spread her peaceful wings across the House, giving the HG’s a sense of calm….NOT.

The scheming began as soon as Brenchel’s sleep-sticky eyes cracked open. They cornered poor Adam out on the porch, and no amount of nicotine in the world could soothe the guy as the duo hammered him with what he thinks Dani will do. Funniest moment of the weekend.. Rachel kept talking about how much of a target she is for Daniele. Till Brendon finally told her to “Get over yourself, babe. You’re not her target, especially considering your performance over the last few weeks. You’re killing me. Just don’t talk.” Shut…her..down… and this is the same duo who talk all the time about how “mean Jeff is to Jordan.” gag..

Brendon chews that ass

Rachel begs for forgiveness

Yesterday’s POV turned Daniele’s calculated risk into a position of supreme power. She calls the shots, now. And her guns are pointing at two people. Brendon and Jeff. Brendon makes a much more tempting target, “obviously.” She made a deal with the dirty devils the other day, and ended up NOT putting them up.. and yet.. and yet..did she really? Her distaste is so apparent when she talks to them, you can almost smell it through the screen. So, I found it hard to believe she’d actually follow it through.

Her other choice, Jeff, took $5000 in the comp, instead of the Veto. That was a little arrogant and it also upset some of the other folks ,who keep reminding everyone that he also won 10 grand during the last endurance HOH. Though he’s not the biggest target at the moment, taking a total of $15,000, he gives the HG’s a very good excuse to put him out a little later in the game. Still..I don’t think Dani will go after him this week.

Shelly is still locked up, and she looks as miserable as any human being I’ve ever seen. Yet.. she wanted this, since it comes with a phone call from home. Jordan gave the phone call (not knowing about the 24 hrs of isolation) to Shelly during the comp–Shelly apparently commented in front of everyone–particularly Rachel–“Now, that’s class.”

Speaking of *urp* Rachel. (sorry, I threw up in my mouth a little bit). I’m gonna go off on a short rant here, so if you’re a big Rachel fan, you might want to skip down to the next (blue) section..

Last season we stood up for her. OK- sue me, I’m a sucker for an underdog, and the brutality in which Britney attacked her sickened me. So this season, when she spoke of redeeming her character, I was happy for her. I hoped that all of Jordan and Shelly’s “life lessons for Rachel” might do some good. Nope. While Brendon was gone, she was a quivering, pathetic, peevish, childish wreck. Now that Bookie’s back.. she’s even worse. Rachel full of bravado makes me so squeamish, I can barely watch.. Her lies to Brendon.. TO BRENDON, her light of love…especially the lies about Jeff and Jordan, who worked EXTREMELY hard to help her…make my tailbone curl under.. You know that feeling?? *shudder* The funniest lie is when she told Brendon that Jeff’s sexual innuendoes toward her made her very uncomfortable.. Uh.. okay..First, ICK.. and Second, I’m not super thrilled with some of Jeff’s decisions right now, but you gotta admit, he wouldn’t touch her with a 50-ft pole, wrapped in Saran Wrap and soaked in Clorox. One of my commenters on FACEBOOK said it best.. “She can’t take it, cause she knows that Jeff is repulsed by her.” LOL

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Adam’s doing great right now.. He’s not on anyone’s radar. He’s finally won a Big Brother 2011 competition. And his social game is stellar. But the time is here to come out and play, if you’re gonna play.. Kalia and Jordan will have to prove they’re not one-shot-wonders and if Jeff survives this week, he has GOT to step it up and win HOH.. Shelly just needs to keep a low profile if she’s still around and..there is one more… uh… *tap, tap, tap** Can’t quite remember who she is, she’s such a non-entity, except for her catty remarks and filling the other HG’s muscle milk full of Benefiber in hopes they’ll have to poop during competitions.

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