Our Julie  Chen has let the cat out of the Big Brother 2011 bag. At least in part. On a Canadian Talk Show, she takes us on a short video tour of the Big Brother 13 House, gives us a little explanation about the Big Brother 2011 Venice-Beach Theme.

But the biggest news are these words about Big Brother live from her own lips…

Dynamic Duos from the PAST will have a significant impact on the game.

Check out this video– then let the guessing commence!

*did you feel it? That shiver of anticipation that just ran down your spine?*

OK- Gang…Now it’s your turn. Let’s hear those comments, conjectures and psychic warnings. WHO WILL THESE PAST “DYNAMIC DUOS” be???
And as always- don’t forget the LIVE FEED Discount ends Premiere night! We’d love to have ya!

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