WWJJD–What will Jeff/Jordan do? That’s the big question in the Big Brother 2011 house today.

Last night, Cassi was in tears as she and Shelly chatted about the other girls who are being hateful to her in the house. AND that she knows that she and Shelly will likely go up, after Dom removes himself and Adam in the Veto ceremony today. Cassi knows if she goes up…She goes home..

Dominic’s arrogance is back–and he’s strutting around the house with his tail feathers spread wide– knowing he has all the power. It’s funny, cause he doesn’t see that Dani is working him like Pinocchio. Dani’s working everyone, actually.

Jeff and Jordan now have to make a critical decision. They’re leaning towards putting Cassi and Shelly up. Though they know that will result in Cassi’s eviction and they really hate it. I hate to see it, too. I think Cassi would make a better ally for Jeff and Jordan than Kalia. It’s Rachel and Porshe’s jealousy and hatred of Cassi that’s the influencing factor here. IF Jeff and Jordan want to continue working with their Big Brother 2011 couple alliance, they pretty much HAVE to put up Cassi. Shame, really…

Rachel’s up to her old tricks–acting like a buffoon.  Brendon had to talk her down—again. She’s so wrapped up in she and Porshe’s  7th grade-Mean Girl mentality, she’s close to ruining the Vet alliance.  Brendon constantly has to run damage control. To the point that JeJo is ready for her to go–so they can play with Brendon alone. (Truthfully, I believe Brendon wouldn’t mind that too much, either.)

Shelly talked to Brenchel last night, making certain that she was still okay with the votes, if and when she and Cassi go up. They assured her she was “golden.”

Stay tuned today- or…even better!!  Sign up and check out the LIVE FEEDS for yourself. Today’s Veto ceremony should shoot off lots of fireworks. Seriously– there is nothing like watching all the events unfold for yourself. Reading about it is fine.. And we do the best we can to dig into the show and give you all the best nuggets. But it’s watching their faces..their expressions and body language that tells you more than words ever could.

Here’s a little something special for you fellas out there..

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