A new twist announced for Big Brother 2013 was voting by viewers in order to determine the Big Brother MVP each week! Voting for the Big Brother MVP has already opened, even though the Bog Brother 2013 cast was just announced hours ago! You vote for the first MVP without even seeing them play the game yet…good thing we included cast interviews to get to know them a little bit better!


So, without seeing any of these HouseGuests play the game, CBS wants us to vote one of them as the Big Brother MVP and they will get some kind of super power. What do you think that super power will be on Big Brother 15?

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You’ve read up on all the HouseGuests and now vote in our poll on who you will be voting for as Week One MVP on Big Brother 2013! At this point, they are all fair game, right? Let me know in the comments why you voted the way you did!

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