The time has come for another live eviction show on Big Brother 2013 and CBS should prepare themselves as one of the Mean Girls will be leaving the show tonight, thanks partly to America! The final nominees were announced last night on Big Brother 15 and now it is time for me to make my predictions for Week 4. Who goes home tonight on Big Brother 2013? I make my selection in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Week 4 Eviction

It was time to see the final nominees for Week 4 on Big Brother 2013 last night and with Elissa being on the block and winning Veto for the week, she clearly was going to take herself off the block. However, she was the Big Brother MVP nominee for the week (which happened to be you America), so who would go up in her place? Here are the final three nominees for Week 4:

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  • Aaryn Gries
  • GinaMarie Zimmerman
  • Kaitlin Barnaby

So, who is going home? I don’t think anyone is complaining about seeing any of these girls go home, but I believe it will be Kaitlin going home tonight on Big Brother 15. Why Kaitlin? She is a threat, plain and simple. GM and Aaryn are not liked in the house and are not a threat to win challenges, unless you bring the rotten froyo back and then watch out for GM!

The house gets rid of one of the Mean Girls and a threat to win challenges all in one vote. Can’t beat that, right? I just find it funny that the guys the Mean Girls hooked their fangs into went home the first three weeks and now the Mean Girls will lose one of their own this week. Karma????

Who do you think is going home tonight?

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