Like him or not, but Andy Herren did manage to work his way through a summer of controversy and came out on top of Big Brother 2013. He did play both sides of the Big Brother 15 house and that led him to win $500,000 over GinaMarie Zimmerman in the Big Brother 2013 finale this week. Did he deserve it? That was for the jury to decide and they voted for him 7-2, so I guess so. Check out Andy talk with Jeff Schroeder after the big win in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers video below!

Big Brother 2013 - Andy

I definitely was not a fan of Andy and was rooting for GM in the finale, but watching him talk with Jeff makes me realize he did play a game while in the house and I think his strategy paid off. You may not like it, but he had a plan and it came through for him. He may have lied and backstabbed all season, but he still walked away with people respecting him, which is hard to do.

The one thing I don’t like is how he said people said terrible things on Big Brother 2013 and he was not one of them. Did he forget the last week or two in the house and his bashing of Elissa Slater???

Check out the interview here:

For more from Andy, check out the interview with him over at Big Brother Network!

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