One of the most entertaining HouseGuests of Big Brother 2013 had to be Judd Daugherty. He was funny and entertaining and I enjoyed seeing him on the Live Feeds for Big Brother 15. He also got two chances to win Big Brother 2013 and squandered both of them, but we will always have the grizzly shirt to remind us! Check out his interview with Jeff Schroeder in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers video below!

Big Brother 2013 - Judd

The best part of this interview: Jeff calling Judd by the nickname J-U-Double Evicted! That was classic and so funny. Judd just wanted to party, but the house didn’t allow him to get drunk enough! I condone the more alcohol in the house rule. We would get more drama and more honesty from these players. Down a bottle of wine and then have the Veto Meeting or Nomination Ceremony. The truths come out then!!!

Check out his interview here:

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