It appears that a certain someone is getting a very nice edit from CBS, as the focus on Big Brother 2013 seems to be on the racist and homophobic comments that have been made by Aaryn Gries on Big Brother 15. We have seen some from GinaMarie Zimmerman as well, but the focus has mainly been on Aaryn. Why is that? Especially with this new video out there showing Amanda at her finest! Check it out in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers!

Big Brother 2013 Live Recap - Week 3 Eviction

The big dispute happened with the bed-flipping incident with Candice and the Mean Girls. What we have seen on CBS is the girls making their comments and Amanda coming to the defense and telling Aaryn to calm it down with the comments. What we didn’t see is right here:

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To watch the video, search YouTube for “Amanda Social Warrior.”

I am torn with this one. I think we all make jokes when we are among friends, yet we are not on cameras 24/7 for the world to see. Do I think Amanda is a racist? I don’t believe so. Most of the comments seem to be made in a “joking” way, but that can not always be seen the same way by the group that the jokes focus on. I think Amanda is raunchy and inappropriate, but her comments on Big Brother 2013 are not being done in a mean way. She is trying to be funny and failing big time!

With that being said, why is it not being shown by CBS? Kaitlin Barnaby is being shown in one of the clips, so it is not like any of this recently happened. Why is Amanda getting a good cut? America isn’t buying it, because they put her up on the block for the second week in a row!

There is that whole story of Amanda being a plant and is set to win Big Brother 2013, no matter what she does. They are making her look like a hero though. Am I wrong here?

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