The Final 4 HouseGuests became the Final 3 and we have The Exterminators battling it out for the $500,000 prize on Big Brother 2013. Will it be Andy, GinaMarie or Spencer winning it all on Big Brother 15? Who would have thought this would be our Final 3??? Tonight started Part 1 of three parts to the final Head of Household competition. So, who won the HoH competition tonight on Big Brother 2013? Get the results in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Andy

Here is how it works: three parts to this final HoH competition. All three HGs participated tonight and the winner tonight will move on to Part 3, which takes place Wednesday night. The two losing HGs tonight will participate in Part 2 of the HoH competition, which should take place Friday or Saturday. The winner of that will compete against the winner of Part 1 in Part 3. The winner of Part 3 will be the new Head of Household and gets to pick their opponent in the Final 2!


The competition tonight was rollerskating and lots of action going on. It looked intense and Spencer was the first one out. It was down to Andy and GM and in between swearing and being a smartass, Andy falls and GinaMarie has won Part 1 of the HoH competition and moves on to Part 3! She is very close to making the Final 2 and she did this with a broken toe. Have to give her props for that one on Big Brother 2013!

Spencer and Andy will compete in Part 2 tomorrow or Saturday and the winner will take on GM in Part 3! I’m hoping Spencer wins and maybe we can keep Andy out of the Final 2???

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