You can hate on McCrae Olson all you want and think that Amanda Zuckerman ruined his game on Big Brother 2013, but I think his explanation of it to Jeff Schroeder is a very good way of putting it and maybe they both lasted that long in the house because of it? This is a very good interview for McCrae and he seems like a really cool guy. Big Brother 15 will be remembered for McCranda, so he did something right. Check out the interview below in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers!

Big Brother 2013 - McCrae

McCrae is actually a pretty good communicator when he needs to be. He is very laidback and this interview was fun to watch. He is a huge fan of the show, so you can tell he was humble for getting a chance to play it and to have Jeff rooting for him and get the Veto win from Big Brother 14 winner Ian Terry. He may be spending some time in Florida for the winter, but I think it is an act until he goes home and delivers pizzas again and has the ladies throwing themselves at him!

Check out the interview here:

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