For any of you out there that do subscribe to the Live Feeds on Big Brother 2013, you may have noticed that they went down yesterday and they will not be returning until after tonight’s new show on CBS. Why? They held a special eviction yesterday in the Big Brother 15 house that was taped for airing tonight. We are already down to the Final 4 on Big Brother 2013 and that will become Final 3 tomorrow night! Check out the schedule of events below in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers that follow!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Judd and Spencer

So, the eviction was held sometime yesterday and most likely Judd joined the jury house yet again. If you happened to watch Big Brother After Dark last night, then you were watching a tape of the HouseGuests from earlier in the day. They clearly couldn’t show it live when one of the five was evicted!

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So, after the eviction, the HGs took on a new Head of Household competition between GinaMarie, Andy and McCrae. Spencer was not eligible to participate as the outgoing HoH. And mind you, I will be assuming that Judd was the evicted HG this week for this article. The HoH is guaranteed a spot in the Final 3. A Nomination Ceremony has or will be held before tonight’s show, but it doesn’t really matter. The Power of Veto really holds all the power this week on Big Brother 2013, unless the HoH wins it. They will control the two nominees on the block and most likely, unless the HoH, be the only HG voting.

Tonight on Big Brother 15, we get to see the eviction, the new HoH competition and the Nomination Ceremony. From there, CBS will make us wait until tomorrow night for the PoV competition and ceremony and then the second eviction of the week! That will leave us with a Final 3 duking it out for that $500,000 prize!

The Live Feeds return after tonight’s episode, so we should know who has Veto and maybe who the final nominees are and who the target might be. We’ll have a lot more answers after tonight’s episode and those Live Feeds return for us! You can still subscribe to the Live Feeds for this last week of action for under $10!

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