Another day has passed us by on Big Brother 15 and it was a day/night of alliances shifting and everyone in the Big Brother 2013 house basically in an alliance with someone else in the house, which is crazy! We have some Big Brother 2013 spoilers for you and some highlights from the Live Feeds that you may have missed!


Thanks to our friends over at Big Brother Networkwe give you some of the highlights (and pictures below) from the Live Feeds last night:

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  • You want to know who is in an alliance with who on Big Brother 2013? Well, they all seem to have an alliance with each other, which happens when you have more houseguests, right?
  • One of the early rumors going around was that CBS was going to put families in the Big Brother 15 house. While it appears to not be true, Jeremy is starting to think that Aaryn and Jessie are related and Kaitlin knows McCrae from before the show! Could he be right?
  • Amanda and Elissa seem to be partnering up, which could work in their favors. Amanda thinks Elissa will win MVP every week, so this is her way of controlling the MVP nomination and not even win it! Can Elissa really win Big Brother MVP every week?
  • The pressure is on McCrae to put Elissa up for nomination during PoV ceremony, but will he?
  • Amanda and McCrae kiss during the night, but is she playing him? She has been sleeping in his bed every night! Does the delivery guy have some game in him?
  • David has no clue, but the target is on his back for eviction this week and he just lets Aaryn tell him what to do. And everyone seems obsessed with wanting to cut his hair (BB fans, not the HGs)!

The Power of Veto Ceremony is rumored to be going on today, so what do you think McCrae will do? In the meantime, check out some photos from yesterday, courtesy of Big Brother Network:

Click image for full view

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